Does USPS Deliver On New Year’s Eve?

USPS (United States Postal Service) lies among the world’s top courier service companies and is ever-ready to serve its customers in the best possible ways. The company knows how important it is to stay connected with friends, family, and relatives who live in a far-off place, especially during the festive seasons. It also understands the priority of last-minute deliveries on New Year’s Eve.

However, USPS has its right to celebrate the joyous occasion and take advantage of the Federal holiday. Hence, the company has devised a plan to celebrate New Year while allowing its customers to send their gifts to their loved ones.

Let us know how USPS does that!

Does USPS deliver on new years eve

Does USPS Deliver on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Day earns the status of a federal holiday. 

Hence, as per rules of federal holidays, various companies, organizations, government services, post offices, public organizations, schools, colleges, and offices, remain closed on New Year’s Day. So, following the rules and having a little celebration of their own, USPS remains inoperative on New Year’s Day.

Since New Year’s Day comes under the list of USPS federal holidays, the company withholds its courier services for the day. However, the company also wants to serve its customers eager to share their gifts with their loved ones during the New Year. Hence, USPS keeps its delivery services open on 31st December. 

USPS is always trying to strike a middle ground between serving its customers and taking care of its employees. It takes advantage of the fact that 31st December is not listed in its federal holidays, and hence USPS is free to deliver on New Year’s Eve.

It prevents them from breaking any rules while allowing the customers to have their last-minute deliveries. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why USPS is the most trusted and reliable courier company.

USPS Holiday Schedule for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

It is important to specifically know the USPS Holiday Schedule for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to have more detailed information.

Given below is the official schedule:

Local Post Office Hours:

  • The USPS’s local Post Offices nationwide are open on New Year’s Eve (31st December).
  • USPS Post Offices at all locations are closed on New Year’s Day (1st January).
  • Local Post Offices reopen and resume their services from 3rd January.

USPS Blue Collection Boxes:

  • USPS picks up mails from its blue collection boxes on New Year’s Eve (31st December).
  • USPS doesn’t pick the mails from collection boxes on New Year’s Day (1st January).
  • Normal mail pickups from USPS Blue Collection Boxes resume from 3rd January.

Regular Mail Delivery:

  • USPS’s regular mail delivery services are open on New Year’s Eve (31st December).
  • USPS withholds its regular mail delivery services on New Year’s Day (1st January).
  • Regular Mail Delivery services resume from 3rd January.

An Exception in the USPS Holiday Schedule

Even though the USPS Holiday Schedule makes it very clear that it doesn’t offer its services on New Year’s Day, there is but one exception.

The USPS service of Priority Mail Express is open even on New Year’s Day. Priority Mail Express service offers overnight to two-day deliveries with a money-back guarantee. The service is available to most US addresses and PO Boxes, even on New Year’s Day when nothing else is getting delivered. 

Priority Mail Express orders can either be done by visiting the Post Office directly or be available online from home or business location by using the Click-N-Ship option. The maximum weight to avail of the service is 70 pounds. The service comes with up to $100 insurance and USPS Tracking Service.

So, the bottom line is: with the USPS Priority Mail Express, you can have your mails delivered even on New Year’s Day.

Another Exception:

There is another exception to the rule of “No Service on New Year’s Day.” The USPS lobbies and self-service kiosks are open on New Year’s Day, even though the Post Offices are closed.

This is because such services do not require USPS employees to operate. So, the customers can use their self-service kiosks or check their PO Box in the lobby, even on New Year’s Day, while the USPS employees enjoy their holiday.

Some Other Important Holidays when the USPS Services Remains Closed

It is also important for the customers to know some other important holidays when the USPS Services remains closed to avoid falling into any inconvenience:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
  • Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labour Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans’ Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

It is advisable to be mindful of these holidays as observed by the USPS and plan your deliveries accordingly.

Delayed Deliveries Over Festivities

Even though delayed deliveries are rare with USPS, still the company might faces some delays during the festive season.

Christmas and New Year have become a worldwide celebrated festival. These are the occasions when people from all over the world use the USPS services to exchange gifts and stay connected with their loved ones who live far away. Hence, USPS finds itself under a huge workload with an increased volume of deliveries and a limited number of employees during such festivities. 

Moreover, the recent COVID19 situation has further limited employee availability and caused certain changes in their delivery procedures. The huge impacts of the pandemic have surely made USPS mail deliveries susceptible to delays, especially during the busy festive season.

Conclusion on Does USPS Deliver On New Year’s Eve:

Being the world’s most trusted and reliable postal service company, USPS always tries to bring the best services to its customers. The company understands its customers’ necessities, requirements, and priorities, especially during the most awaited festive season.

This is the reason why they keep their delivery services open on New Year’s Eve and get the New Year’s best wishes delivered right on time. USPS also makes an exception for their Priority Mail Express services, delivering even on New Year’s Day. Hence, a little delay here and there is quite understandable and forgivable for a trustworthy company like USPS.

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