Is The Post Office Open on Black Friday?

Black Friday comes just a day before Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is an informal name for the day the next day of Thanksgiving. On this day most retailers and merchants give special offers to their customers.

Though Black Friday is not a national holiday, yet the people of California and some other states observe this day as a holiday for state government employees. On this day most of the schools and offices remain closed. So most people can enjoy a mini vacation of 4 days.

Thanksgiving Day is on 23rd November, Thursday in this year 2023. The next day of Thanksgiving is Black Friday 24th November 2023. So, most of the offices, colleagues, schools, and businesses stay closed on this day.

So for this mini-vacation; many customers want to have one common confusion and a few questions like “Is the post office open on Black Friday, which is the next day of Thanksgiving?” or “Does the mail run on Black Friday?” If you are also searching for the answers to these questions then just read this article and solve all your queries and doubts.

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When we talk about post offices, the first thing that comes to our mind is USPS or United States parcel service. It is the parcel carrier company that ship all the mail and packages in the United States.

Most of people’s life connected with the USPS and hence many customers want to know “Is the US postal office open the day after Thanksgiving?” So, the answer is yes, all the post offices are open on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving.

According to the post office holidays, the post offices remain open on Black Friday 24th November and remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, 23rd November. You can go to the post office to place your order or for any other regular work.

Here we have listed the USPS post office holidays 2023 in the table below. On these days the post offices are closed.

is the post office open on black Friday


Now after reading this article, you know that the post office remains open on black Friday. So, there are no changes in the working hours of USPS. They will open and close just like the regular working days, and there are not any changes observed in the schedule for the employees as well as customers.


This question is one of the most frequently asked questions from the customers and our users. As you know, the post office stayed shut off on Thanksgiving, and on the next day they work as regular weekdays, so without any doubt, the mail runs on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving.

Even on Black Friday, USPS delivers and pickups up the mail and packages. Regular service of mail delivery takes place so you can expect the mail or package to arrive on the same day, too.


It is all about your question “is the post office open on Black Friday?” undoubtedly you find your answer in the details above and the table is shown below.

Sr. No.HolidayWeek DayDate
1.New Year’s Day *MondayJanuary 1
2.Martin Luther King Jr. BirthdayMondayJanuary 15
3.Washington’s BirthdayMondayFebruary 19
4.Memorial DayMondayMay 28
5.Independence DayWednesdayJuly 4
6.Labor DayMondaySeptember 3
7.Columbus DayMondayOctober 8
8.Veterans’ Day *MondayNovember 12
9.Thanksgiving DayThursdayNovember 22
10.Christmas DayTuesdayDecember 25
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