Is There Mail On Veterans Day? – { Updated Guide }


These two are most frequently asked queries to us.

Many things in daily life depend on postal services. We choose it to send our mail, package, or any valuable document, then we select package delivery services which deliver our mail and packages.

Although there are many package delivery companies in the United States, people prefer UPS, USPS, and FedEx above other shipping corporations. All three are the most prominent companies for shipping.

Out of these three, most of the customers select USPS because of its affordable rates. It will offer service at a meager price if you use USPS.

Many of the small businesses depend entirely on the package delivery companies, and if there is a holiday, and if you don’t have an idea about it then how you can plan or schedule your delivery according to the holiday.

We are here to know about the post office delivery status on one of the federal holidays, “Veterans Day.”

There are many questions concerning about this. Most of the people who are regular customers of the USPS and other package delivery companies want to know – does the mail run on Veterans Day or Is their post office open on Veterans Day?

There are lots of questions just like this similar to holidays. So, we’ll find out all of your answers and listed them in this article. So keep reading and get your answers quickly.

Let’s start with the first question:


If you want to know which office stay closed on Veterans day, then you should know that most of the non-essential government offices, businesses, and public services remain closed on this Day. There might be chances that they will work on a different schedule on Veterans Day.

Here is a guide related to business and services that running with varying hours of work, which remains open and also those who stay closed.

Most Government Offices: Most of the state, local, and federal government offices stay closed on Veterans Day. The exception is the health-and-safety workers.

Parking meters: Parking meters will not expect.

Schools: most of all the public school and universities will close on this day, but if you are planning to visit then you should call for hours.

Liquor stores: Almost liquor stores will open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and contract stores may also be open.

Libraries: Many Libraries will close. But some libraries remain open so before visiting call them for hours.

Malls: Most of the malls will be open but for instance call for hours.

Post Offices: Post offices will close on this day, and no regular or standard mail delivery will take place on this day except Priority Mail Express.

Groceries: Before visiting make a call for hours although most of the Supermarkets will remains open.

Washington State Ferries: Washington State Ferries will run on regular schedule.

Banks and Credit Unions:  All the branches of banks and credit unions will close, though many of the in-store offices will be open.

Metro Transit Buses: Most of the Metro Transit buses operate on reduced schedules.


If you also confused that Veterans Day a federal holiday or national holiday, then you are not alone who ask this question. Many customers ask the same question frequently.

Let us tell you that Yes! Veterans Day is a federal or national holiday. Along with it, there are nine other public holidays in the year 2017. You can see the list of federal holidays below

1.MondayJanuary 2New Year’s Day
2.MondayJanuary 16Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
3.MondayFebruary 20Washington’s Birthday
4.MondayMay 29Memorial Day
5.TuesdayJuly 4Independence Day
6.MondaySeptember 4Labor Day
7.MondayOctober 9Columbus Day
8.FridayNovember 10Veterans Day
9.ThursdayNovember 23Thanksgiving Day
10.MondayDecember 25Christmas Day

It is observed on November 10 by the government of the US. It is because most of the national employees work from Monday to Friday, and when a holiday falls on the weekend, then that holiday is observed on the closest regular workday.

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For example, if the holiday falls on Sunday, then it is observed on the following Monday, and if it falls on Saturday, then observed on preceding Friday. It makes the weekends longer, and hence people spend their time with friends and family.


Many small business owners and customers want to know that post office open on veterans day, and the answer is No.

Post offices are not open on this holiday. So, if you are planning any shipment then plan it with the view of this the post office schedule.

Is There Mail On Veterans Day

As I already mentioned above that all post offices would remain closed on that day. That means, no standard mail delivery will take place.


AS all the post offices will stay closed on Veterans Day, however, there will be possibilities of mail delivery on this day because there are some package delivery companies in the United States that deliver packages on this day.

It is right that a large number of mail items and packages delivered by U.S. Postal Service, but there are others like UPS and FedEx which you can choose to deliver your package on that day.


United State Postal Service customers have lots of questions regarding mail delivery like does USPS run on Veterans Day?  So, the answer is USPS is not open on this day. On this day only Priority Mail Express service will be delivered, no regular mail delivery takes place on this holiday.

The reason is Mail Express is a service that delivers packages 365 days a year. So, if you have any urgent or critical package, then you should send it via Priority Mail Express service. US Mail runs only Express mail on this holiday.

You can see the outline of USPS Holidays 2018 below when the postal service doesn’t deliver any standard mail item:

Sr. No.Week DayDateHoliday
1.MondayJanuary – 1New Year’s Day
2.MondayJanuary – 15Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
3.MondayFebruary – 19Washington’s Birthday
4.MondayMay – 28Memorial Day
5.WednesdayJuly – 4Independence Day
6.MondaySeptember – 3Labor Day
7.MondayOctober – 8Columbus Day
8.MondayNovember – 12Veterans’ Day
9.ThursdayNovember – 22Thanksgiving Day
10.TuesdayDecember – 25Christmas Day


United Parcel Service considered the most prominent package delivery company in the world. It has customers around the globe, and every day; it delivers millions of parcels. And hence people wish to know that does UPS run on Veterans Day and provides shipments or is UPS open on Veterans Day or let’s find out the answer to these question one-by-one.

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The answer is yes. You should know that all UPS stores open on this day and UPS also delivers packages on this holiday. This package delivery company recognizes the holiday but does not observe.

So, you can send your package through UPS.

Let’s take a look at the list of UPS Holidays 2018 when this package delivery company remains closed:

Sr. No.Week DayDateHoliday
1.SundayJanuary – 1New Year’s Day
2.MondayJanuary – 2New Year’s Day (Observed)
3.MondayMay – 29Memorial Day
4.TuesdayJuly – 4Independence Day
5.MondaySeptember – 3Labor Day
6.ThursdayNovember – 22Thanksgiving Day
7.MondayDecember – 24Christmas Eve
8.TuesdayDecember – 25Christmas
9.MondayDecember – 31New Year’s Eve


As FedEx is also one of the known packages delivering company and hence people also want to know that is FedEx open on Veterans Day?

So, the answer is Yes, FedEx is open on this day and delivers packages like UPS. They recognize but doesn’t observe the holiday. So, you can pick one of these two package delivery companies, UPS or FedEx, to deliver your package on this federal holiday.

You should also see the list of FedEx Holidays 2018:

Sr. No.Week DayDateHoliday
1.SundayApril – 1Easter Day
2.MondayMay – 28Memorial Day
3.TuesdayJuly – 4Independence Day
4.MondaySeptember – 3Labor Day
5.ThursdayNovember – 22Thanksgiving Day
6.MondayDecember – 24Christmas Eve
7.TuesdayDecember – 25Christmas Day
8.MondayDecember – 31New Year’s Eve
9.TuesdayJanuary – 1, 2019New Year’s Day


After reading this article, we know that Veterans Day is a federal or national holiday and most of the government offices and public services, school and colleges remain closed on this day. Post offices also stay closed and hence no deliveries will possible on this day, but the exception is an Express mail.

USPS remain closed on this day, but other package delivery companies like FedEx and UPS will open on this holiday and deliver their packages. So, if you have any critical package to ship, you should choose FedEx or UPS.

We hope you got the answer and perfect solution of your question Is There Mail On Veterans Day.

Thanks for reading!


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