Does CVS Sell Stamps? – Buying Guide

Does CVS Sell Stamps?

If you are wondering whether CVS sells postage stamps or not, then you have come to the right place. You can find all the related information in this article.

CVS has several outlets located all across the country and all of them sell stamps. The only thing is that they don’t sell single stamps. You will have to buy an entire booklet.

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Where to buy stamps at a CVS near me?

CVS happens to be the largest pharmacy chain in the US.

They have over 9600 outlets at different locations. The outlets are distributed in such a way that it is easier to find a branch in every locality. In a typical CVS store, you will find healthcare goods, home essentials, and medicines.

If you are unable to locate a CVS store near me, then you can use Google maps. All you have to do is type in the CVS store and the app will show you all the stores located near you.

History Of CVS

The first-ever CVS branch was opened in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts. They started their business selling beauty and health-based products.

This huge pharmacy chain was started by brothers Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein along with partner Ralph Hoagland. By 1964, they managed to expand their business up to 17 branches.

It was in 1967 that the company started selling pharmacy products.

In 1969, the company was brought by Melville Corporation. In the 80s, the company’s annual sales hit the $1 billion mark. By its 25th anniversary, the company had more than 750 stores with $1.6 billion annual sales.

Currently, CVS is a standalone company and its main competitors are Rite Aid, Walmart, and Walgreens. However, they remain the largest drugstore chain in the US.

Products And Services Offered By CVS

CVS doesn’t sell only pharmacy products. You will find many other products in their stores.

The products sold by them are from different categories including cosmetics, groceries, beauty products, healthcare, baby care, and personal care. other than that you can also find items like stamps, envelopes, postcards, paper, etc. all you have to do is go and ask the cashier whether they have stamps in stock.

CVS offers great convenience to the buyers. You cannot only by stamps but everything else that you need.

They also offer many services related to healthcare. They have over 1100 MinuteClinics located in different places.

There are physicians and nurses in all the clinics who are qualified to treat minor health issues.

The company also has an official website that allows you to order things right from the comfort of your house. CVS will deliver your goods in just two to three working days.

Do they sell stamps?

Yes, you can find stamps in all CVS stores. Since they have a branch in almost every locality, it becomes easier for you to buy stamps at cheap price. They sell books of stamps and not singles.

This is one thing you need to keep in mind when buying stamps from them. If you are not sure whether the CVS store near me have stamps or not, the best thing to do is to give them a call and ask. This way you don’t have to waste your time.

The collection of stamps available may not be that great but it can at least help you in emergency cases. Around 75% of the American population lives just a mile away from a CVS store. Therefore, finding a CVS store is never hard.

Can I buy stamps at CVS?

Finding a CVS store is very easy. You can make use of a CVS store locator to search for all the CVS stores near me.

However, you are advised to call the store and make sure that they have stamps, or else, you will end up wasting your time. CVS is the best place to buy stamps for those who want to buy it in the form of a booklet.

That’s because they only sell books of stamps and not in singles. If you are looking for stamps, then you should visit the CVS store near me and get it before they go out of stock.

CVS is one of the best places to get stamps. They sell stamps at a reasonable rate. I hope you got the answer for whether does CSV sell stamps or not from this article.

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