What Is A Parcel Locker? Important Things You Need to Know

Online ordering is effortless, quick, and convenient. It’s very simple to select all the things you want, be it groceries, clothing, kitchen items, or precious items, add them to your cart, and make an order. 

But because approximately 80% of people now choose online shopping, it gets difficult for property managers to organize packages and make the correct delivery of them.

That’s why parcel lockers have been a huge hit. So, What Is a Parcel Locker? They reduce the chances of misplaced parcels and make the process of delivering packages a lot more secured. Also, recipients are always at ease with parcel lockers because their packages get delivered way quicker than ever before. So, let’s dive in and know more about parcel lockers and how they work. 

What is a Parcel Locker? Explained

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What is a Parcel Locker? At a Glance

So what is a parcel locker? Why is it important. Electronic Parcel Locker is a convenient and safe way of delivering and retrieving packages for retail stores, multifamily communities, University campuses, and commercial buildings. 

Parcel lockers allow any courier service, online retailers, and your family and friends to send you packages. These packages are protected electronically by the parcel lockers. The recipient can be relaxed about receiving parcels, as there is no chance of misplacing the parcel or package theft. 

Parcel lockers also make the process of receiving parcels easy and quick. The recipient needs to use a unique delivery code to retrieve the parcel after a notification is sent. Recipients can use the delivery code according to their schedule.

Parcel Pending’s Mobile app can also be made use of in terms of managing and receiving parcels. So, this is the gist to What is a parcel locker.

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How Do Parcel Lockers Work?

After knowing what is a parcel locker, let’s find out how does it work. Pending’s Parcel lockers use advanced electronic ways for ensuring the safety and security of the parcel. This is the following process –

Delivering the parcel. 

Any courier service can enter the access code, which the property manager has provided them with. They need to select the place and recipient of the parcel previously. 

Notifying the recipient. 

The recipient receives a text or email or notification on a mobile app with a unique code that one needs while receiving the parcel as the package is delivered. 

Collecting the package. 

The recipient needs to enter the access code in the parcel locker kiosk to collect the parcel. The recipient can also do the same by scanning the barcode. This is how the corresponding locker gets open, and the recipient collects the parcel. 

What is BOPIS ?

BOPIS stands for Buy Online and Pick up In Store. 

If you want to collect the package that you have ordered online very immediately and quickly, you should go for BOPIS. 

Benefits of BOPIS 

In the era of online shopping, BOPIS has many benefits in delivering packages quickly and conveniently. These benefits are –

  1. BOPIS enhances customer experience as it delivers the packages customers order online very quickly and easily. 
  2. BOPIS also improves the efficiency of retail staff as they get fewer distractions. In this way, retail staff can concentrate more on brand engagement and in-store customer and pick-ups. 
  3. BOPIS also allows retailers to track and drive additional purchases. 

After knowing what is a parcel locker? Knowing about BOPIL also important. BOPIL stands for Buy Online, Pick up In Locker. 

Parcel Pending has been a leading provider of this Buy Online Pick up In Locker system. This method simplifies BOPIS and BORIS (buy online, return in-store.)

How does BOPIL work?

BOPIL works more simply. Once a customer orders some goods online, the items get into Parcel Pending’s retail lockers located in the store. 

After that, customers get an instant notification via email or text, including a unique numerical code. This code allows the customer to enter into the parcel kiosk by typing the code or scanning the barcode. After that, customers can collect the package whenever it is a good time for them. They need to go to the retail store and enter the personal code in the locker. 

In the case of ordering groceries online, customers can get refrigerated lockers. 

How can Parcel Lockers benefit your property?

The whole package delivery management is quite crucial and hectic for property managers. The process of receiving parcels, sorting, and then delivering them is very time-consuming. Plus, the revenue generation does not occur here, so that this process might be a total waste of time for property managers regardless of the property’s size. So, how can the electronic parcel lockers benefit your property? Let’s find out. 

Reduce wasted time

The on-site staff of property management needs to spend hours organizing the properties. Due to Parcel Lockers, the time it takes to deliver packages gets decreased. 

Value important tasks

Property management staff spend a huge amount of time delivering the parcels. Because of parcel lockers, this time gets reduced. So they can involve in other important business-related functions. 

Decrease package risks

Delivering any online package invites quite a lot of risks. And all the consequences will be shoved down to the property management staff. Parcel Lockers use a unique electronic mode for delivering the packages, which eliminates risks related to various unintended issues. It makes the whole process of delivering and receiving parcels safer, easier, and more convenient. 

Improve parcel pickup flexibility

Customers tend to pressurize the staff according to their convenience often. This is leading the staff towards spending more office hours than they have signed for. But because parcel lockers give you a perfect time, it becomes convenient for both the parties. 

Securing the delivery

Electronic Parcel Lockers eliminate all the risks of parcel theft, misplaced, and other issues. Because of the unique access and personal code system, the delivery and collection of packages become more secured. 

Benefits of Parcel Pending’s Package Delivery App

The package delivery app is more convenient for customers and retail staff because it allows both parties to track packages every time. It also makes the pickup process simpler. Recipients get notified directly through this app instead of getting notifications. Recipients don’t need access codes, and they don’t have to invest time searching the emails or texts related to delivery. 

Parcel Pending’s app communicates with the parcel locker system through your smartphone. With just one tap, recipients can open the parcel locker. Then they can collect their packages. 

How Does Parcel Delivery App Work?

  1. The courier makes the delivery of the package into the electronic parcel locker with a unique code. Property management provides this code. 
  2. Then the recipients get notified that their package is now able to be collected. 
  3. Now the recipient collects the package by approaching the parcel locker. They do not need an access code; their smartphone is all they need to open the electronic parcel locker. 
  4.  And the recipient collects the parcel. 


Hopefully you have got to know about What is a parcel locker. In this era of online shopping, many of us feel the ultimate convenience of getting home what they want. With the massive increase in online ordering, the risks of misplaced and stolen packages also have elevated. That’s why parcel lockers are invented. This advanced electronic way of receiving online orders eliminates the risks related to receiving parcels. Still, it also makes the time-consuming process of property management staff quicker and easier, which benefits the customers.