How To Change Shipping Address in USPS?

How to change the shipping address in USPS. This guide covers everything you need to know about the USPS change of address.

Most of us dream to live in their own house and lead a happy life. Have you ever changed the house in which you are living at present? Most of us change the houses due to the lack of facilities, by getting a job in a new place, or near to the parents.

How To Change Shipping Address USPS?

When we shift from one home or office to another, we face many problems on this voyage. Most probably we face problems related to bank, post-office and some public organization as we need to change all the address, mails to refresh the posts.

If we are about to go into a new house, we invite all our friends, colleagues, relatives, children and all for the celebration and inform their new address to them. But we also have to inform the address to mainly United States Postal Services (USPS). So, we sincerely request you to inform the change of address to USPS, so that you can receive all the emails successfully to the place where you are.

USPS Change of Address: The Possible Solutions

United States Postal Services (USPS) acts as a catalyst in delivering posts and emails at the doorstep. Their services are being used extensively in the U.S. So; it is essential for USPS to have the correct address of the user. To explain it more clearly let me consider an example.

Assume that you are about to shift to a new house and you have forgotten to send the new address to USPS, Then the team of USPS will send the posts related to you to the same old address, and you may not be able to get them. So, we recommend you to inform USPS about the change of address so that you may receive the emails correctly. But once if you give the new address then the problem will be solved, and the posts will send to the address given.
Most of us may have doubted mail forwarding, in this article I would like to present the methods which we need to follow to forward a mail and also to change the address through USPS.

Is there any need to change the address in USPS?

I hope that this is the question you all may get when you get to know about USPS. But the answer is YES, we all need to inform the change of address to the USPS, as they are the only one who sends our important emails and posts to our home. If in case we hadn’t mentioned they we may lose our valuable things and information. To aid all of us USPS has come forward with some easy methods with which we can change our address. I have listed out all the methods; please do read all and choose anyone which you wish and make your easier.

USPS Mail Forwarding

Most of us think that the USPS Mail Forwarding and Changing the address is the same, but in fact, both of these are quite the opposite and used for different purpose. Let me give a quick glance about it.
USPS Mail Forwarding, from the name itself we come to know here we forward emails. The actual task of this is to just forward or resend a mail to the new address or any different address. This service is also being used to forward a mail from one person to another or a group. If you have shifted to a new address and information to USPS, then the mail will be sent to you within a short span of time.
Now we will come to know about the change of address through USPS.

USPS Change Of Address Using Different Method

There are four methods or options to inform the United States Postal Service about your address change. You can choose any one of them and imply it to change the address.

1. Change Address through Online at

One of the most preferred methods of the change of address is done by the online method. This method does not include any effort such as going to post office, calling via phone. All you have to do is to take our laptop or a desktop or request from an online notice. For an online method to change the address of USPS, go through the following steps:

  • Do visit the official website and follow the steps as mentioned.
  • Go To Change Of Address: Now when you are on the official website page of USPS, you need to go to the change of address which given under the category of “Track and Manage.” As soon as you pick the option, a page will be created which shows the change of address.
  • Click on the Continue button after going through the “Privacy and Statement.” On the official page, we find some additional information related to the USPS change of password and Privacy Statement. Do read the terms carefully and select the Continue option.
  • The process of changing the address categorized into five sections or parts. The five parts of the address change include Move Info, the Name and Address, the ID, Instant savings, and lastly Confirm order.
  • As soon as this is done, we need to start the information about the first part. The sit,e will ask you the information that “Is this move permanent or temporary.” You have to choose any one among them.

Permanent Address Change:

This Permanent Address Change will be observed mostly in the short period. The essential thing to remember is we go this option when you are sure that you are not going to your old address shortly. Most of the customers use this basis only for permanent basis. The period will depend on the mail class. To get to know more information about the Permanent Address Change we suggest you go through the official website of USPS.

Temporary Address Change:

It is somewhat same as the Permanent Address Change but the duration of the mail is transferring will remain from 2 weeks to the duration of is six months. If in case the time expires you are supposed to extend the duration from the USPS office and make use of it. This option won’t apply to the one who changes there house for six months simultaneously.

After reading choose the Address which you feel as comfortable, select the first day of the mail forwarding. It aids the team of USPS, to make sure that the services are available within the span of time.

Another question which will ask to you is “What type of move is this?” The USPS provides three options for this as Individual, Family, and Business. To get to know more about this have a look at the next paragraph.


This option will be selected by the one who chooses to shift individually from one place to another.


This option will accept if the whole family is about to shift. The most important thing which we all need to consider is all should be in the same home and if in case anyone is living separately, then need to select the Individual option. The last names should be the same. And also if the last names not matched, then we need to consider other forms and submit in the USPS office.


This is the last option and is used only for business. If in case you had selected Individual or Family and given the business address then the mail forwarding will be rejected by USPS.
Do select the option carefully and click on the Continue button.

  • Finish the name and the Address Part:

It is the second process in the USPS Moving form. Here we are supposed to give our Name, Mobile Number, Email, Old Address, New Address, and some information. Note that the information you give is correct so that there won’t be errors later. If you are shifting from a military/army address make sure that the email ends with “.gov” or “.mil.”
After entering the correct details click on the Continue button.

  • Finish the third Check or the Identity Check and Instant Saving Check:

In the Identity Check and Instant Saving Check, we are supposed to check our identity. The checking can do by using the debit or credit card. Here we have shell $1.00 from your pocket for this process. Then click on the Continue button. In the other part, which is the Instant Saving Check we can have instant access of $750.00 in the form of coupons. If anyone is intended, you can take this as a deal. After this, tap on the Continue tab to go forward.

  • Confirm the Order:

It is the final step where we need to make sure that the information which we have filled in the previous steps doesn’t have any errors. If in case you found any mistakes correct them.

2. USPS Change of Address through the Post Office:

USPS Change of Address through the Post Office

As mentioned above which is the online method we need to have the accessibility of the internet, and we have to be very careful while filling the online form. For illiterate people, this may create some problems. To aid the common people government thought of changing the address in the Post Office itself. Here we are not supposed to pay any amount for the work. These are the few steps which we are supposed to follow at the Post Office.

  • After reaching the Post Office, ask them to provide the PS Form 3575.
  • Fill the form correctly and confirm that the address will be given correctly. The form consists of three options select the “Change In Address” option.
  • Select the type of move as mentioned earlier and also how many are moving.
  • In the next section, the USPS asks you to fill the current address and the address of the new home.
  • After filling up the form give it to the clerk or drop it in the post box. Make sure that you enter details correctly.
  • We can also download the PS Form 3575 in the official website of USPS.

3. USPS Address Change through the Mobile:

The technology has brought many revolutionary changes nowadays, by introducing mobiles. With the help of these mobiles, we are doing many wonders from the place where you live. Similarly here with the same mobile, we can also change the address by just dialing the number 1-800-275-8777.

As soon as we contact this number, PS Form will be sent directly to your mail. This process will be quite easier and consumes the time of the customer. It also costs less amount which is $1.05. It considered as a verification fee from the USPS.

4. USPS Address Change through the USPS App:

It is the last and the easiest method to change the address through an app. Here we have to download the USPS app from the play store. If you are using OS, then make sure that it will download from the App Store, and if you’re using an Android Device download it from the Play Store. This app also helps customers in various aspects.

Conclusion on change of address:

These are the few methods which we are supposed to be followed to change the address. Follow the method which you wish to. I hope that the article was helpful.