USPS Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update: Latest Statement

Usps Coronavirus Update: The US postal service has a dedicated COVID-19 Command Response team that is focused on business, employee, customer, and operational continuity during this time of crisis. They diligently follow the measures and strategies as laid down by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health departments. All the latest information related to coronavirus can be found on the official portal of CDC:

The organisation is focused on helping the employees for which they have shared all the latest details through internal newsletters, email, videos and employee conversations.

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USPS Coronavirus: Updated Statement

They are even using their Operations and HR functions to help the employees in every possible and they will continue to do it as long as it is needed. Actually, covid-19 has affected the United States postal service in many ways.

They are encouraging the employees and others to follow healthy behaviours. They have laid stress on certain important protocols including the use of hand sanitizers frequently, hand washing and cleaning of workspaces.

They have also asked the employees who are sick and affected becuase of Covid 19 or coronavirus to stay back at home. They have arranged for liberal leaves for the employees and are working in unison with the postal union to extend the leave options for the employees.

They have also changed their customer signature capture methods to cut down on the health risks.

usps coronavirus covid-19

Employees are given an electronic gadget in which they are supposed to get the customer’s signature from a safe distance. This is mandatory to follow coronavirus pandemic.

For extra safety, the employees are asked to request the customers to stand at a safe distance while receiving the parcel or mail. They can also leave the mail in the receptacle if the door is closed.

They are proud to see the way their employees are handling things and working dedicatedly even in the face of this epidemic.

The employees are showcasing a great job in transporting, processing and delivering parcels and mails. The postal service is one of the essential services for the American public. They form an important part of the nation’s infrastructure. The USPS working hours during coronavirus pandemic will be the same as a regular days.

The US postal service is not only used for delivering letters but also for the delivery of important items like medications and checks.

They are also the leading delivery service in the country when it comes to online purchases. According to the 39 U.S.C. 101(a), “The US Postal Service will continue to operate to provide to the people by the US government.”

According to WHO’s statement, the chances of a person contaminating commercial items with COVID-19 is less. The package is transported through different conditions and is also exposed to different temperatures.

CDC has said that the survivability of the virus is low on such surfaces. Therefore, there is not enough risk involved for it to spread from goods to humans. Not just that but some of these packages are shipped for days and weeks while being exposed to different temperatures.

Coronavirus mostly spread from respiratory droplets. Currently, the country doesn’t have any case where the person is infected from imported goods. However, one needs to be careful.”

FAQs on USPS on Coronavirus (Covid-19):

How is USPS getting affected by coronavirus?

The USPS workers are forced to work despite the lack of funding and protection. The workers don’t have the required protection. Not just that but even the mail volume has reduced drastically. The postal service is short of funds because of which the mail service is facing a hard time. There are chances that USPS may be shut down in June 2020.

Is it possible to get infected from a FEDX, USPS or UPS package?

The COVID-19 virus is known to spread mainly from humans to humans. They spread from respiratory droplets. But the chances of getting infected from an infected mail package is relatively low. That’s because the mail is shipped for days and weeks. Not just that but they are also exposed to varying temperatures.

Will COVID-19 disrupt the mail delivery system in the country?

At this point, your delivery of mail from USPS is not affected by a coronavirus. But given the situation of the workers, it is expected that soon there will be problems in the mail delivery system. It is an important service as they help deliver important items like medicines along with mails and packages.

Can an infected USPS worker spread the virus fast?

The US postal service irradiates all their mails and packages. Therefore, the chances of a carrier getting affected by mails are less. However, if the carrier is infected from some other source, then he can spread the virus to others who come in contact with him. This is why high precautionary steps are being taken at the US postal service.

Will UPS, Amazon, FedEx, and USPS stop their delivery system because of coronavirus?

It is hard to speak for FEDx and Amazon but USPS will continue to operate and therefore, the mail delivery system will not be disrupted because of the pandemic. The US postal service is the leading mail delivery system in the country that is known to ship essential items like medicines, mails, and packages.

Is it true that USPS will shut down by June 2020 because the $2 trillion stimulus package has not provided any funding for its operation?

The current situation of USPS is not impressive. They are running short of funds and have requested for debt forgiveness and a quick cash injection of $2 trillion. However, none of their requests have been included in the coronavirus stimulus package. This can eventually lead to the shutdown of the US postal service in June 2020. However, the government and the concerned authorities are trying their best to keep the mail delivery system alive.

What are the measures taken by USPS for the protection of their workers?

With the increasing number of coronavirus cases, the USPS has asked the workers who are sick to stay back home. They are also provided with masks and sanitizers. Not just that but they are asked to clean the workplace often and even wash their hand frequently. For extra protection, they are also given electronic signature machines so that they can take a customer’s signature from a safe distance. They are also thinking of expanding the leave for the sick workers.

How to get USPS postage stamps while isolating to slow down the spread of the virus?

The best way to get USPS postage stamps during isolation in this pandemic is to order it online from the official website of USPS.

Does the USPS website have issues with scheduling a pickup delivery because of the current pandemic?

Yes, some issues are going on with the USPS website because of the current pandemic. However, the concerned authorities are looking into the matter to get it fixed as soon as possible. Many of the customers complained that they are unable to track their mail orders.

Does the US postal service still irradiate mail?

Yes, the US postal service has ordered to irradiate mails and packages to curb down the spread of coronavirus. However, this is not applicable to all mails. Mails that are going to government offices in Washington are only being irradiated.

I hope you have enough information regarding usps statement on coronavirus.

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