Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

We have become accustomed to a few things in 2020 due to the spread of the Covid pandemic. One of them is surely online shopping. And the first name that pops up in our minds when talking about online shopping is Amazon. 

Be it grocery or electronics or anything- Amazon has it all! Amazon tries its best to deliver your product as soon as possible. However, their working days are a big factor in this case. 

Tell us one thing- have you ever thought about whether Amazon delivers their parcels on Sundays or not? You must have- right? 

So does Amazon deliver on Sunday? Do you have the same query like millions of others?

This article is all about resolving this query of yours. Before getting into the answer straight, you need to go through certain other facts that control Amazon’s delivery days. Let’s start! 

does amazon deliver on sunday

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About Amazon 

World’s one of the richest men; Jeff Bezos chose to sell books online and set up in 1994. Initially, Amazon vowed to deliver any book to its customers anywhere in the USA. He chose the name ‘Amazon’ because of two interesting facts. One fact is that Amazon is the largest river in the world. 

The second reason is that Bezos thought choosing the name with the initial letter A will be technologically helpful. This assumption was entirely right.

In the year 2001, Amazon had the first taste of success. Their revenue was more than $1 billion. And then there was no looking back. The logo of Amazon is another exciting thing. 

The company’s name is written in its logo with an arrow below the alphabet “a” to “z.” Such a unique thought represents every product’s availability (a to z) on their shopping site. 

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Yes, Amazon delivers on Sundays. In fact the topic of Amazon delivery on Sundays has become one of the most searched articles on the internet due to the popularity of the eCommerce giant. Many popular parcel services do not offer delivery on Sundays. Amazon is an exceptional service. 

They realize the emergency needs of their customers and even deliver items on Sundays. Major cities of the USA are eligible for Amazon deliveries on Sundays.

Being a customer-focused company, Amazon has launched a Prime membership. The Prime members of Amazon enjoy various facilities, including Sunday delivery. However, the non-prime members of Amazon are also eligible for Sunday residential delivery.

Amazon Sunday Delivery Cost

Amazon does not charge any extra bucks for the Sunday deliveries. Be it whatever; you can get anything delivered at your doorstep on Sundays without paying any extra charges. That’s great and unbelievable, right? It’s absolutely true. 

However, if you are a Prime member, you do not even have to pay the standard delivery charge for a Sunday delivery. Amazon treats Sunday as a working day. The non-prime members have to pay a basic standard delivery charge for the Sunday delivery. This charge is the same as the weekdays delivery charge. 

Which Items Are Eligible for Sunday Delivery?

The FBA items are only eligible for a Sunday delivery. FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. FBA products are those that are stored in the Amazon warehouse and are sold by someone else. 

If your ordered item is there in the Amazon warehouse near you, you will get delivery on Sunday. If the product is not available in your near Amazon warehouse, it might take some extra days. 

The timings for the Amazon Sunday delivery are 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Sunday deliveries are getting popular day by day. On 27th April 2015, Amazon India opted for 100 cities across the country that are eligible for Sunday delivery. In no time, their Sunday delivery scheme got popular among the Indian customers.

In the United States, Amazon delivery on Sundays became a part of Amazon long ago. The reliability of the Amazon delivery has impressed the American citizens to a great extent. As a result, the USPS (United States Postal Service) signed a deal on Sunday delivery with Amazon in 2013. However, this contract became a bit controversial later.

Some Key Facts to Remember 

There are some facts that you need to know regarding the Amazon Sunday delivery. 

  • You do not have to pay any extra bucks to get a Sunday delivery.
  • Only standard delivery charges are applicable.
  • The Prime members avail of any Amazon delivery on any day without paying any shipping charges. However, not all the items at Amazon are eligible for Prime shipping.
  • Only FBA products are eligible for Sunday deliveries.
  • Amazon will specially notify you if your parcel is arriving on a Sunday.


Let’s seek the answers to some frequently asked questions- 

Are only Prime members eligible for a Sunday delivery by Amazon?

Not at all. Prime members enjoy many other advantages, but the Sunday delivery by Amazon is applicable for any customer. The only difference is that while the Prime members do not need to pay any shipping charges, others need to pay a standard shipping charge. 

One thing to remember is that Prime members also have to pay the shipping charges for the non-prime items. 

Which products are eligible for a Sunday delivery by Amazon?

Any product that is present at the Amazon warehouse is eligible for Sunday delivery. These products are popularly known as FBA products. 

This article is all about resolving your query regarding Amazon delivery on Sundays. Many confusing statements are circulating on the internet about Amazon’s Sunday delivery. Do not fall prey to those articles.

We have gone through solid research and then have all the necessary information about Amazon Sunday delivery. Go through this one, and we hope you will get sound knowledge regarding the topic.