USPS Holidays 2020: Updated Schedule

In this guide, we are going to look at the USPS holidays schedule for 2020. This also includes frequently asked questions like is the post office open on veterans day, labour day, or Columbus day etc.

United States Postal Service is self-supporting government enterprise and one of the large businesses in the U.S that reached each address in the nation. With 32000 retail location, it has annual revenue of $66 billion and distributes nearly 40 percent of the world’s mail. It is most reliable government agency since six years, and according to ponemon institute, it is a most trusted business in the nation.

After all these information, we think that there is no need to tell you about a total number of its customers. People choose United States Parcel Service to deliver their packages or mail in the United States or outside somewhere.

People select it because they know that it will cost minimum for shipping compared to other courier companies. Other parcel delivery companies cost a lot more compared to the United States Parcel Service prices. The U.S Postal Service is proposing the same facility that other companies are providing at the low costs.

The postal staff also work hard for their clients. They work for six days of a week, and some services work Monday to Sunday, seven days a week because USPS delivers packages even on Sundays.

So in this article, we will discuss on USPS holidays 2020 because there are some public holidays when this delivery agency doesn’t deliver mail or packages.

USPS HOLIDAYS 2020 : All You Need to Know

If you are a customer of United States Parcel Service, then you must know there are few days in a year when this postal company doesn’t deliver any mail (excluding ‘Priority Mail Express service’) and if you are not aware of it, then sometime in an emergency you may be stuck into the big problem.

Hence, as a customer, you must be aware of the post office holiday, time and hours of opening, and closing of the post offices.

You might have some questions like whether is the post office open tomorrow, or on special days like Veterans Day, Memorial Day etc.

Even, it is important for you if you run a small business that depends on package delivery companies.

If you also belong to that category of person who handles a small business, then you should plan your freight, delivery or shipping dates as per this U.S. postal calender.

All the USPS post office, stores, and non-essential government offices will remain closed on the following dates: 

  • January 1, Wednesday, New Year’s Day
  • January 20, Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
  • February 17, Monday, Washington’s Birthday(observed)
  • May 25, Monday, Memorial Day
  • July 3, Friday, Independence Day(observed)
  • September 7, Monday, Labor Day
  • October 12, Monday, Columbus Day
  • November 11, Wednesday, Veterans Day (observed)
  • November 26, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25, Friday, Christmas Day

On all these listed days USPS will not accept or deliver any mail or package.  So, make your list and schedule of 2020 according to this list. Also, you would not able to buy stamps from usps.

The 2020 USPS postal holidays are:

Sr. No.Week DayDateHolidayLetterStream Schedule
1WednesdayJanuary – 1New Year’s DayClosed
2MondayJanuary – 20Martin Luther King Jr. birthdayOpen and Mailing *
3MondayFebruary – 17Washington’s birthdayOpen and Mailing *
4MondayMay – 25Memorial DayClosed
5FridayJuly – 3Independence DayClosed
6MondaySeptember – 7Labor DayClosed
7MondayOctober – 12Columbus DayOpen and Mailing *
8WednesdayNovember – 11Veterans’ Day #Closed
9ThursdayNovember – 26Thanksgiving DayClosed
10FridayDecember – 25Christmas DayClosed

*LetterStream can still mail your letters on these special USPS holidays.

So, from the above table, you can see there are total ten days when the US postal workers and post offices will not accept or deliver any delivery.

Most of these holidays come under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This act changed some holidays from a fixed date to designate Mondays for the national staffs.

Primarily, it was made to increase the number of weekends for personal.

You may have observed that Veterans Day is marked with a # sign or number sign. It means that on November 12, it is the observed holiday, and the Veterans Day is on November 11, Sunday.

It sets like this because if any federal holiday falls on Sunday, then it is observed on following Monday and if it falls on Saturday, then it was observed on the previous Friday.

usps holidays 2020
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Now, you are aware of the USPS holiday schedule. So, you know how to plan your delivery according to this table. If you want to see the reason behind these federal holidays or why these are known as the US mail holidays then just read next few lines and know about it precisely that why all these days considered as holidays in the U.S. So shall we start?

January 1, Wednesday, New Year’s Day:

  • January 1st is the first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar as well as Julian calendar. That’s why it is acclaimed all over the globe with lots of enjoyment, happiness, and joy. People make determinations on this day. People enjoy Carnivals, and some offer services to the church.
  • On New Year’s Day that is on 1st January, USPS doesn’t deliver any mail or package. So, if you want to wish anyone via New Year’s present, then place your order earlier. You can go with the Priority Mail Express service which available 365 days a year.

January 20, Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. birthday:

  • Each year, January’s third Monday is known as the Martin Luther King Jr. birthday, and US postal service takes a holiday on this day every year. On this day Martin Luther King Jr. was born. It is also known as MLK Day, King Day or Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • He was an American Baptist priest and activist. So don’t waste your time in waiting for your parcel as If January 20 is the public holiday and you should not wait for your delivery unless you used Priority Mail Express service.

February 17, Monday, Washington’s Birthday (observed):

  • In memory of the first U.S president, George Washington, Every year, third Monday of February is considered as the federal holiday. He who was born on February 22, 1732. This day is not celebrated to remember only the first president George Washington, but all the presidents who worked for America. That’s why this day is also known as President’s Day, too. US Postal Service doesn’t deliver any mail or parcel on President’s Day.

May 25, Monday, Memorial Day:

  • All year, last Monday of May considered as the Memorial Day, in memory of those people who died during serving in country’s armed force. Last year that is, in 2017, it was on 28th May, and this year that is in 2020, it is on May 25. On this day Folks visit memorials and cemeteries in tribute to died people. USPS will be shut off for this holiday, and no shipping will deliver.

July 3, Friday, Independence Day (observed):

  • July 3 is a very extraordinary day for every American because, on this day in 1776, Continental Congress accepted the Declaration of Independence and the US was no longer a fragment of British Empire. On this day fairs, barbecues, baseball games, parades, ceremonies, speeches, concerts, etc. takes place. And Yes, USPS also remain close and doesn’t deliver on an independent day.

September 7, Monday, Labor Day:

  • Labor Day is celebrated on first Monday of September every year, in honor of the input of the workers to the strengths, laws, prosperity and American labor movement. No mail or freight delivery takes place on first Monday of September that is on Labor Day.

October 12, Monday, Columbus Day:

  • On this day that is on 12th October 1492; Christopher Columbus was arrival in the United States of America, and hence it is celebrated as the Columbus Day on second Monday of October every year. Don’t even think of to mail delivery because your parcel will not ship on Columbus Day.

November 11, Wednesday, Veterans Day:

  • Veterans Day is observed the holiday as it is falling on Sunday, and therefore it is observed on following Monday. So, for most national workers, November 12 will be considered as the holiday. It is celebrated in respect of the people who functioned in the US Armed Forces. No delivery will carry on Veterans Day.

November 26, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day:

  • In US and Canada, Thanksgiving Day is considered as the public holiday. In the United States, fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as the Thanksgiving Day and second Monday of November is recognized as Thanksgiving Day in Canada. On Thanksgiving Day, The US post offices don’t deliver any Mail.

December 25, Tuesday, Christmas Day:

  • Christmas is one of the leading festivals celebrated across the globe. On this day, Jesus Christ was born. People celebrate this day in different ways. On 25th December, all the post offices remain closed, and no shipping will take place, but due to heavy traffic during Christmas, few post offices will open on two Sundays previously Christmas. So, if you want to deliver any parcel, contact your nearest branch of a post office to find out which outlet is working or open on Sunday.

Final Thoughts on USPS holidays 2020:

We hope you find the answer to your question “Is today a postal holiday?” and you got to know about . So now don’t ask anyone and share with your friends and family member to make them aware of it. If you have any suggestion as well as questions, then leave a comment in the comment box. We always welcome your suggestions for improvement.

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