How Do I File A Claim With USPS?

We all are familiar with the word USPS, the best shipping service center. Most of us use the services of USPS to deliver our packages, emails, and important documents.

We all believe in the services of USPS. Every day thousands of packages will be transported from one person to another via USPS. The service center workers work from day to night and put their efforts to deliver the package safely in time.

No one is perfect in this world. We cannot disregard the facts that sometimes happen with the USPS service centers such as delay in delivery, damage in the package, missing items in the package. We can file a claim with USPS to eradicate all these problems. Most people are unaware of this claim policy. Today we are going to discuss the claim policy of USPS.

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How Do You File A Claim With USPS?

We can file a claim with USPS in two modes via online or offline. Most people opt for the online as it allows you to upload the files electronically in the .pdf and .jpg format. We can also file domestic as well as international claims. Now, let us know the process involved in it.

Steps involved in filing a domestic claim:


The claiming process can be done easily through online. If the customer of USPS has lost it’s insured, registered, or the COD parcel and has received the claim, then the USPS service center will compensate the sender by the amount he had paid for the postage.

We can file a claim Against USPS for insured such as:

  • Collect on Delivery (COD) Parcel
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • Registered Mal along with the Postal Insurance

 If your parcel is in damage or lost and comes under the USPS Insurance and is marked as the “Insurance Availability” then follow the link given below:

Below are the steps which we have to follow after opening the link:

  • Application form can’t be submitted instantly. You have an option to save the information for up to 3 days. The information saved will be lost after 3 days. So, we have to save the information first.

The next step is to log in on the official page.

  • Enter the username and password correctly, if you don’t have them register at the official website.
  • Enter the tracking number and the shipping date of your package.
  • Take care while entering the address and other claim details.
  • In the next step, mention the reason for the claim such as the damage in the package, missing the parcel.
  • Submit the proof of values. The proofs should be in the .jpg and .pdf format. The proof should be relevant as you will receive the value of the purchase.
  • You will have an option to chose the insurance fees. Enter the amount relevantly.
  • While uploading the files make sure that they are in the .pdf or .jpg format.
  • Review the form and submit the application form.

Contact Details:

If you still have any doubts and are confused with the steps involved in the above process then get in touch with the Internet Customer Care Center at 800-344-7779. They will aid you in the claiming process through an online web-based system.

how do I file a claim with USPS

Offline mode:

  • Do contact the number 800-ASK-USPS(800-275-8777)
  • Request the service center to send the domestic claim application form to your mail.
  • Take a print out of the form and fill in the details carefully as mentioned in the online filling form.
  • Mail it to the address provided in the application form.
  • Don’t forget the proofs such as proof of damage, proof of value, evidence of insurance, and proof of purchase.

Filing International Claims:

In the case of international shipping, the claim will be considered only for

  • Priority Mail International
  • Priority Mail International Items
  • Priority Main International Items along with Money Back Guarantee
  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • First Class Package International Service Items.

Steps Involved In Filing An International Claim


  • Access the link 
  • Select the tab International Shipments
  • Click on the Create an Inquiry Option
  • Log in to the USPS account. If you don’t have a USPS account sign up in the home page and create an account
  • Fill the details correctly and submit the application form


If you wish to inquire about the lost or damaged package, you can contact the International Research Group at the number 800-222-1811. The inquiry depends on your request. If the package has vanished, then the Postal Service will send the claim packet to you which consists of information regarding the process of filing the claim. You can also visit the nearby local post office and ask for the PS Form 2855.

For the damaged package, you have to make sure that the file has to be in the claim within 60 days from the date of mailing. Submit the poofs such as the content of package, delivery address at the local post office. 

When Can I File A Claim?

We have to file a claim before the date of the mailing. It is better to claim immediately. To aid you we have provided the timing of different postal services.


Reason for the claimingClaiming Timings
Registered Mail and Registered COD Packages with Postal Insurances15 to 60 days
Priority Mail Express7 to 60 days
Insured or Priority Mail15 to 60 days
COD or Cash On Delivery Items15 to 60 days
APO.FPO/DPO21 to 180 days
Surface Mail75 days to 1 year
First Class, Space Available, Parcel Airlift45 days to 1 year


Reason for the claimingClaiming Timings
Registered Mail Items7 days to 6 months
Global Express Guaranteed3 to 30 days
Priority Mail International7 days to 6 months
Priority Mail Express International Items3 days to 90 days
Priority Mail International Items with Money Back Guarantee3 to 30 days

The time limit is as follows:

time limits for filing claims and inquiriesc

USPS Claim Number:

As soon as you file the claim, the USPS provides you a claim number. This number helps you to get the claim status. Be in touch with the Accounting Help Desk at 866-974-2733 and give the claim number to get the status of your claim. The payment will be sent directly to the sender.

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