What Does In Transit To Destination Mean? – Full Guide

Usps says, Item currently in transit to destination. What does that mean, exactly? Frequently asked a question.

As you know, the United States postal service offers various fabulous services to its customers, and one of those facilities is the ability to track a package. Tracking means that USPS allows the customers to locate their respective packages and keep updated with it. But many people get confused about one thing that is IN TRANSIT.

What does “Is In-Transit to The Destination – UPS/USPS/Fedex”?

When a person gives any item to USPS for delivery, it first accepts the item and then the delivery process starts. And transit is part of the process of delivery. The message showing the package is in transit to the destination or simply in transit means that the package is on the way to delivery. Below are different updates or status and their meaning.

1. Pre-Shipment

The first stage of the delivery process is pre-shipment. Many people often wonder about what pre-shipment is. This means that the information about the item or shipment is only recently received by USPS. If the status is showing pre-shipment then it may also mean that they have not even started processing of the item.

2. Accepted

The second stage is Accepted status. This means that the customer’s item or shipment has been given to USPS in person. And after USPS accepts the package, the processing starts.

3. In-Transit – Currently for 3 days


Does in transit mean out for delivery?

This is the third step of processing which is in-transit to the destination. In-transit implies that the item or shipment is currently in transit to the destination or in simple words the package is on the move and will reach its destination after some days.

Sometimes, you will find the status of in transit to the destination no location then you should call to customer care service for knowing whether they got the right location for your order or not.

4. Alert

alert-status - the item is currently in transit to the destination

The alert status is another stage. This warns the USPS’s customers whose shipments are mailed and there seems to be a problem which is causing the delay of delivery of the item or shipment.

5. Delivered


This status relieves the customer most. It means that the mail item has reached its destination and delivered to the customer.

6. Status Not Available

Sometimes this message also pops up when the customer enters the wrong tracking number or there is no update available on the package.

A Brief View Of Goods In-Transit to Destination / Next Facility- USPS/FedEx/UPS

Goods in transit refer to items and other inventory that have left the seller’s shipping dock but has not reached its destination. The concept indicates who the goods are in possession. The goods should be recorded in transit by the seller. It is based on shipping terms which are:

FOB Shipping Point 

If the item is designated FOB shipping or freight on board point, then the ownership gets transferred to the buyer immediately after item departs the seller.

FOB Destination – Out for Delivery

If the item is designated FOB destination, then ownership gets transferred to the buyer immediately after the shipment arrives at the buyer.

An example to simplify content is given. For instance, XYZ international ships $5000 of merchandise to ABC on some random date. The terms here are FOB shipping point. It means as soon as the merchandise leaves XYZ’s dock, ABC takes on ownership. On that day XYZ should record a sale transaction, and ABC should record an inventory receipt. The second case is where terms of delivery are FOB destination.

The item doesn’t arrive at ABC within the given time. In this case, the same transaction occurs, but it occurs on the date the shipment arrives. Here ABC records a sale transaction the date it arrives. Typically the buyer doesn’t have a procedure to record inventory until the shipment arrives at the dock. Sometimes this causes problems regarding FOB shipping as the transaction is recorded at the point of shipment but is not recorded at the receiving end.

in transit to destination usps

Goods in transit are also known as transit inventory or stock in transit. It sometimes uses “In transit to Next facility”. It is a message meaning that they don’t have a more specific scan for today but the shipment is en-route. It generally shows up once within a day where there has been no activity of scanning in the last24 hours.

The message most commonly shows up on packages that are sent via parcel or Retail ground which is equivalent to ground service as trains and trucks may take several days to deliver parcels from one hub to another. The in-transit system lets the customer rest assured about their shipments. It helps to prevent panic phone calls from customers asking about their items.

In-transit can simply be said as the shipment has cleared one stage and is on the other. The primary stages have been cleared and are in the secondary stages. It tracks all the items are tracked through barcode scans and their tracking system is also very good. Many people review USPS’s tracking system very good.

You might be wondering why is my package still in transit then let me tell you.

In transit can mean that the item can be anywhere. It can in plane, automobile or train. It can also mean several other things like the shipment is offloaded but is not processed yet. It can also mean that the volume is high and they can’t move fast as people can also break down like people. Also, people who haven’t paid for priority mail service can’t expect any service guarantee as no facility wants to check the parcels all the time until it has most priority.

When workload exceeds the capacity of the facility, then it can cause some significant backups as well. The barcodes used to track shipments sometimes get damaged due to which for sometimes packages go dark. It doesn’t mean the package has been stolen or destroyed or tossed or run over or something like that.

It may mean that the shipment is stuck in transport that broke down for any other reason due to which it was legitimately delayed like foul weather for aircraft or inappropriate weather for trucks. Sometimes transport breaks down can cause up to 10 hours of delay which is enough time to show the shipment as in-transit.

Apart from all in-transit to destination in USPS means that shipment is delayed for some reason, but it will deliver safely for sure.

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