USPS Insufficient Address: What is It? Best Solutions

Do you find the mention of “undeliverable as addressed” by USPS confusing? If you do, then you have just landed on the right page. We will tell you all you need to know about the issue of USPS insufficient address: what it means and how to address the problem.

It is utterly disappointing when the postal service you are using fails to recognize your mailing address. You feel like your mail or package got stuck at an unknown crevice forever. it is a very common problem though beside USPS delivered to wrong address.

The United States Postal Service or USPS is a competent mail delivery service provider. People across The States have reposed their trust in the mail delivery services of USPS. They are globally acclaimed for sending mails and packages from one address to another in due time. 

However, not all depends on the efficiency of USPS services alone. The mail must show a valid address of the recipient party. If the right address is not given to the mailing service provider, it is going to reach the wrong destination. Also, if the address mentioned on the mail is not the recipient’s current address, the mail fails to reach the intended doorstep. In such cases, the mail remains undelivered due to insufficient address details.

Let us find out more about the USPS insufficient address issue.

USPS Insufficient Address: What is it?

USPS Insufficient Address: What makes USPS return Mail to the Sender?

Eager to know what happens to the undeliverable mail? Before we come to that, you need to be sure about what “Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA)” exactly means.

In most cases, when the address details are insufficient, it comes back to the sender with the UAA message. By insufficient address, it means you might have missed or mistaken some basic information about the address. It might be the zip code, apartment name, house number, name of the street, or lane that you have goofed up.

We all need to send and receive things via mailing services at times. With United States Postal Services (USPS), the mail delivery process is timely and seamless. With this said, certain parts of the process the senders need to ensure from their end. One is, as we have stated above, the correct address details. The other factor causing such erroneous occurrences is the recipient shifting to a new address. 

If the postal address mentioned is not the intended person’s current address, there remain two probabilities. First: at the given address, the parcel is left unattended by anyone. Second, the present-day dwellers at the residence discard the mail as “not theirs.” In either case, the mail is sent back to the sender as “undeliverable as addressed.”

Below we state the probable circumstances under which the undelivered mail can return to its sender:

Ø You are a USPS customer who has moved to a new place. For some reason, USPS has not yet updated your current location, and hence it has not been validated.

Ø The mail reaches the postal address and is refused from that end. This might be the result of the addressee moving to a new location. The change of address was not updated, and the person at the old address refuses the mail.

Ø Your USPS mail is falling short of postages. If the mail requires more postages to dispatch, USPS sends it back to the sender for getting the same.

Ø The written address of the recipient is not legible. In such a case, if the USPS finds the sender address readable, it returns it to the sender.

What happens to the Undelivered Mail at the Post Office?

Now we come to the question you have been waiting for the most. What does the post office do with the undeliverable posts? Sometimes, the USPS sends the undelivered packages to its mail recovery center. If the sender address is specified, USPS returns the post with an insufficient address back to its sender for correction.

USPS insufficient address: What should you do if your post is marked Undeliverable as Addressed?

Things you can do if you haven’t received the mail or package you were expecting:

Ø If your USPS package or mail is marked as UAA, you can search it with the tracking number. You can then call the post office to provide them with your correct information, e.g. name and delivery address.

Ø Visiting the post office to collect your post directly is also an option. But you can opt for visiting the post office only if it’s within the same day you have received the UAA notification. You might have to provide your valid ID proof and tracking ID at the post office to recover your item.

How will you report or return a mail wrongly sent to you?

You might happen to be a recipient of a misdelivered mail. We mean you might receive a post or parcel on behalf of your earlier resident by saying this. If this happens, know that USPS has mistakenly dispatched a mail to its addressee’s old address.

You may not know their current address, and in such a condition, the simplest way is to return it. If you receive a post for the earlier resident and do not know their current address, you can just return it. You just need to put it away in a mail collection box mentioning on its envelope, “Not at this address.”

§ A must-note: You cannot deliberately damage or destroy someone else’s mail. Performing any such act can be a punishable offense under the US laws.

USPS insufficient address: Few other ways to find out about your undelivered mail:

There can be minor snags en route, causing the delay of your post. Keeping that in mind, it is always wise to be patient for the first few days and wait for the mail carrier to knock on your door. If it doesn’t reach you within seven days from the dispatch date, you need to wait no longer. It’s time you buck up to find out about the status of your post. After seven days, you can do the following things:

Write a search application providing your tracking ID and other relevant information

Otherwise, you can seek help from the Consumer Affairs representative

You can also directly appear at the local USPS Post Office to submit the search application

To sum it up, USPS is a reliable postal medium. However, despite all sincere efforts and endeavors to reach your parcel on time, sometimes it doesn’t work. A few careful steps might prevent such an undesirable incident. Always check your data twice before entering it. Look carefully if you have missed out any mandatory information. 

Errors are human and can occur in your case too. Sometimes a spelling error in the name or address or a shift in the numerical order of a street/house/pin number makes a big difference. Thus, caution and attention beforehand can save you the later hassle and anxiety of dealing with USPS insufficient address.