USPS Love Stamps: This Is What Professionals Do

United States Postal Service is the leading postal service provider across the world. The globally acclaimed postal company is forever committed to customer demands. The company caters to every need of all its customers, including the love birds who want to send their love messages across the seas.

USPS believes there is always a reason to say ‘I Love You’ and many ways to express your love and show your care. One should always feel free to convey their feelings to their loved ones, without waiting for any special occasion or a particular place. By sending handwritten letters or designer cards, anyone can make their partners feel special with USPS Love Stamps anytime, anywhere.

USPS understands the value of love, even if it’s long-distance. And so it brings to its customers the privilege of using Love Stamps on envelopes that contain beautifully designed cards, handmade greetings, or handwritten love letters. The playful graphics on the stamps that give your mail a whimsical look show that your message is lavished with love and care, both inside and out.

If you are someone who loves to make your partner feel special with little surprises that expresses how much you care, then this article is for you. For, here we bring to you everything that you need to know about USPS Love Stamps. Continue reading to surprise your loving partner with an amazing Love Stamp the next time you send them your special message.

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A Brief History of USPS Love Stamps

The history of the USPS Love Stamps dates back as long as the year 1973 when they introduced their first love stamp featuring Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture. It unwittingly started the tradition of the USPS love series stamps that continues to date. Though, it took USPS almost nine long years to come up with their second love stamp in 1982.

Ever since then, the benevolent Postal company has been producing exclusive themes and unique designs of Love Stamps. Continuing their sporadic production of love stamps for a long time, USPS settled for releasing a new love stamp annually since 2004. And now, every year, USPS Love Stamps introduces graphic innovations with the help of some great artists and designers. 

The year 2008 saw the release of USPS Love Stamps twice—once during Valentine’s Day and then a set of two stamps around the time of summer and spring weddings. The year also introduced their first booklet of 10 stamps that started the tradition of the Love Series stamps.

Their latest creation in the love series is Love 2021, staring a beautiful Love Stamp, created and designed by Bailey Sullivan with Greg Breeding was the art director. The stamp art showcases the word “LOVE” thrown in with a group of graphic hearts and simple shapes playfully arranged in an unconventional palette of bright colors set against a dark-blue background. 

USPS Love Stamps made their debut launch at a virtual event held together with the Loveland Co, Chamber of Commerce. Starting from that day, the city’s Chamber of Commerce teamed up with USPS for the past 75 years to host the internationally renowned event “Valentine Remailing Program.” 

A Short Analysis of USPS Love Stamps Designs

Almost every USPS Love Stamp is designed with bright colors that feature one or more hearts as the show’s star. It shows how USPS understands the age-old connection between the sentiment of love and the heart symbol. It doesn’t only signify romantic or eternal love but also unconditional love for family and friends. Devotion and affection are best expressed through the symbol of a heart. So, these stamps are best used with love letters and heart-felt greetings on special occasions.

Some of the USPS Love Stamps also highlight the picture of bright, colorful flowers. Flowers signify the beauty that love, affection, and gratitude brings into our life. It also signifies celebrations, festivals, and greetings. Thus, these are the stamps that go well with invitations or festive greetings and the messages that express gratitude or congratulations.

In the love stamps, you will also find the images of birds, envelopes, babies, earth, swans, and one even has a cute little puppy! It just shows how USPS Love Stamps cover a far greater horizon and are fit for every occasion that involves the expression of deep emotions. So, you can use these stamps with any message that conveys your feelings and shows your care. 

When to Use USPS Love Stamps?

You can indeed express your love any time you want with particular messages sent to your loved ones using USPS Love Stamps, which are available throughout the year. But still, there are some special occasions where you can derive the best out of these love stamps.

Some of those occasions are listed below:

  • Valentine’s Day Greetings
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Anniversary Wishes
  • Congratulations Cards
  • Thank You / Gratitude Cards
  • Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year Greetings
  • Get-Well-Soon Cards
  • Love Letters

Apart from the occasions listed above, USPS Love Stamps can be used for any special occasions where you want to send some special love greetings to your family, friends, spouse, or partner.

How to Get USPS Love Stamps?

Laying your hands on the very special USPS Love Stamps is very simple. Follow the below steps to get some beautiful love stamps to attach with your special message:

Step 1: Visit the USPS official website.

Step 2: Browse through their section of Love Stamps.

Step 3: Choose the ones that you want to possess.

Step 4: Add them all to your cart.

Step 5: Complete the payment method.

Wait for a few days for the USPS Love Stamps to arrive at your doorsteps.

You can also purchase them via phone call by dialing their toll-free stamp hotline number 1-800-STAMP 24 (1-800-782-6724) and ordering the specific stamps, paying them through your credit card.

Cost of USPS Love Stamps

Generally, the cost of each love stamp is about $11.60. 

Instead of buying individual stamps, you can also purchase the love stamps in bulk. USPS Love Stamps also come in booklets of 20, 50, 100, or 200 pieces as per the availability. The 20 pieces pack is the most popular among them.

Buying a pack of stamps is cost-effective and hassle-free. Ordering stamps online with USPS comes with free delivery with absolutely zero shipping charges. 

Conclusion on USPS Love Stamps:

Stamps don’t usually generate design inspirations. But the USPS Love Stamps are sure to leave you intrigued with the sheer beauty and novelty of their art and designs. Whether you wish to send greetings or invitation cards to your loved ones or surprise them with a handwritten letter expressing your affection, gratitude, friendship, or devotion, love stamps always serve as the cherry on top. 

USPS Love Stamps are specially designed to help you achieve perfection in adding the finishing touch to your cards and letters. With a long history of producing beautiful love stamps every year, USPS always has something for everyone who wishes to send some love to their special someone.

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