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When looking at the history of the USPS Logo we need to recognize that USPS is one of the oldest agencies responsible for providing postal services in the United States, USPS has evolved significantly over the years. Over the years numerous changes have been made to the USPS image to reflect its growth and development. 

One of the most prominent elements of the USPS identity is its logo. As would be expected this changed over the years with several modifications until we have the USPS logo that we all recognize today.

But what were these changes and why is there a need for change? What is its significance? 

A logo is very important as it forms not only an outward symbol of the company but also helps a distinctive identity to the firm and helps it to stand out from the crowd. Thus, USPS has given great importance to this aspect and finally designed the logo with the forward-looking eagle.

But before that, let us take a look at the history of USPS for a better understanding. Stay with us till the end. Here we go!

History of the USPS Logo

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USPS originated in 1775 at the Second Continental Congress, and the first appointed postmaster was Benjamin Franklin. In 1792 a Postal Service Act was passed under which the Post Office Department was created. It was levelled up to the cabinet level in the year 1872.

Finally, this Post Office department was converted to the United States Postal Service by the Postal Reorganization Act in 1970. This Act was passed due to the strike held by the postal workers of New York who were worried about their low wages and very poor working atmosphere. 

Right now, USPS is one of the leading postal service providers in America. With a large number of career and non-career employees, it is organized to provide a service to every American citizen, at the same cost and quality, irrespective of their location.

It is one of the fastest courier companies with an accurate delivery process. It also places great store in giving great customer satisfaction, one of the biggest contributing factors to its growth. 

We have already mentioned that the USPS logo has changed several times before becoming the one we see now. In this section, we will talk in detail about the modifications that have taken place over the years, starting from the first USPS logo. So, without any delay, let’s get started!

The United States Post Office Department was established in the year 1792. From 1829 to 1837 it had a unique logo depicting mercury, the Roman messenger of the Gods. This design was attributed to Ebenezer Hazard, a prominent American businessperson, and publisher. Mercury was shown at the center of the seal with arms extended to the border of the logo. 

At the time this symbol served its purpose as it fitted well with the organization’s purpose regarding the distribution of mail and packages to various locations.

Next came an iconic logo featuring a horse and a rider, representing the main delivery method of the era. This USPS logo was used as an official seal until 1970 when the Post Office Department was the main functioning body. This logo captured the high energy and dynamic elements of the postal system as well as harking back to earlier times.

Although USPS traces its origin back to 1775, it only became fully functional in its current form in 1970 when the Postal Reorganization Act was passed. This Act changed the name of the Post Office Department into the United States Postal Service. 

At this point, a standing eagle was selected as the official logo of the United States Postal Service. An eagle is a symbol of power, nobility, and determination, representing the high spirit of the employees working at the USPS. The firm of famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy is credited with the development of this design.

● Finally, in 1993, a forward-looking eagle was selected as the official logo of USPS, which signifies the same power and spirit but this time combined with the simplicity of the modern era. 

USPS created this logo with the collaboration of the Joint Election Official Liaison Committee to help government officials execute their responsibilities under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. To date, this is the logo of USPS which sustains the proud legacy of this courier company.

When Marvin Runyon became postmaster general, the USPS adopted the final logo with a sonic eagle. This logo became much more popular as the eagle’s head was now the focal point, which made an impression of dignity and strength. It is also much more dynamic compared to the previous logo in which the eagle was standing. Besides the emblem, there is a writing “United States Postal Service” in blue. This is written using two lines with a red horizontal line in the middle.

Also, the distinctive combination of white and blue is meant to represent safety, reliability, and the target of the client’s satisfaction – essential for any courier company to prosper. In addition, the bird stands for speed and power.

More about the USPS logo

If you want to use the logo to indicate USPS as a shipping method, such as on a website, then ordinarily this can be done, and no fee is required. However, it is still recommended that you go to the USPS website and complete the application. In most cases, you will also be required to attach the proposed layout of the piece or the individual page that would use the USPS logo.

Use of USPS Corporate Signature and other Logos

USPS often gets requests for this service partners, companies, and organizations to use the USPS services in the course of their business. Approval for these types of use is considered and may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Other logos that are frequently requested are the ones for USPS Priority Mail and USPS Express Mail.

There are however several instances when USPS Will NOT allow the use of their logos

  • By USPS Contractors and Suppliers who wish to show affiliation with the USPS.
  • By companies who wish to produce products that are sold to the Postal Service
  • By independent shipping and mailing companies to show that they use their services. In this event, these companies must apply through the USPS Approved Postal Provider Programs.


Going through the history behind the USPS logo, one thing is evident: the gradual growth and development in both the needs we place on postal services and changes over time within marketing requirements have been reflected in the USPS logo.

That’s it for today! We have tried our best to collect all the relevant facts related to the history of the USPS logo. We will be back with another article in a short while. We hope this article helped. Thank you for reading!

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