How to Fix Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) 1 Easy Method

There is no doubt in the efficiency of the United States Postal Service. They provide timely service in the delivery of all types of mail. Sometimes their efficiency faces the challenge of the incorrect or illegible mail address. Under such circumstances, the mail remains undelivered. 

This article is about those undelivered items of mail. Here we will discuss what undeliverable as addressed or UAA means and what happens with the undelivered as addressed post.

undeliverable as addressed

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Meaning of Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA)

It means that the address written on the mail is not clear to the delivery person or the receiver of the mail was not available at the given address. There can be severable reasons behind such hindrance. 

Fake names, wrong spelling, half-written addresses, incorrect street names, and smudged addresses are some genuine reasons why the mail carrier comes back with the mail. 

To get proper service one should input exact and true details with adequate postage to avoid delivery failure.

What Happens to the Undelivered Mail?

The United States Postal Service returns the mail to the sender when it remains undeliverable to the addressee.

Undeliverable as Addressed: Why does mail go back to the sender?

A mail goes back for the following reasons

  • The addressee refuses to accept the mail
  • If it is allowed the addressee may reject the mail after receiving it.
  • Insufficient postage may be a prominent reason when USPS returns mail to the sender if first-class service is used. When a letter reaches the recipient with the tag of ‘postage due’ it means that the recipient will have to pay. But if he refuses, then it goes in the list of UAA.
  • If the mail carries an Illegible or obscure address, USPS fails to deliver it and returns it to the sender.
  • Death of the addressee may be a cause of undelivered mail. 
  • Involuntary closure of PO Box can be a reason for UAA. The mailbox remains unchecked for a long time. The carrier has the authority to pick it back and make it UAA after a certain period.

Undelivered as addressed occurs when USPS refuses to deliver mail during the following circumstances

  • Change in a street address
  • Renumbering of house name
  • Rural address converting into city address. City style includes the street number and house number, whereas, in rural addresses rural routes, box numbers, and highway contracts are necessary.
  • If highway contract service is modified into a city delivery service.
  • Consolidation of routes may be a reason too.
  • If the addressee has moved to a new location and there is a forwarding address mentioned in the file, the mail is not sent back to the sender.
  • In the absence of any such alternative, the mail becomes dead mail.

What does the Post Office do with the Undeliverable as Addressed Mail?

The undeliverable as addressed post go to the mail recovery center which is located in Atlanta and Georgia. But the first-class mail is the exception to this. They return to the mail recovery center when the person leaves his item through the mail slot. 

The value of such items should be more than $25. They are destined for destruction. In the case of value items auctions are the end process. But firearms and pornographic items are not auctioned.

How to Fix “Undeliverable as Addressed” Issue Properly?

A tracking number will help you know whether the mail is undelivered. Call and provide the correct shipping address for better service. The second option is, visiting the post office in person and collecting the mail or package. 

But you have to be very prompt in your actions. Within 24 hours you have to do the needful. Remember to carry your ID proof and tracking number. Enquire the concerned authority and explain your problem. Be polite. After checking your ID they might hand over your parcel. 

If this doesn’t work, seek help from the customer service department. If you have time and patience to wait for 30-40 minutes, call this number 1-800-ASK-USPS 1-800-275-8777 and wait for assistance. 

After 24 hours only the customer service number remains your option. Give them a call and explain in detail. Provide the necessary information and all possible details. If they get your parcel you can collect it. 

Undeliverable as Addressed – More Information

A few more facts on undelivered mails or the issue of undeliverable as addressed post

  • If in any case, you do not get mail within 7 days of mailing then you have an alternative of raising an application known as a missing mail application.
  • You can reach out to the consumer affairs representative at 1-800-ASK-USPS or 1-800-275-8777. They will work on your search request.
  • Visit the USPS office and submit your search request.
  • There are certain rules regarding the return of the mail. According to those rules. Whether a product is recoverable or not rests on those norms. As per that guideline, a product will be recovered or returned. Beyond that, no one can help!

How to Prevent Undeliverable as Addressed or UAA?

The NCOA (National Change of Address) can save you from UAA. Keep checking it twice a year and don’t forget to check again before mailing. NCOA maintains a record of correct addresses. In case you are changing your location, update the same in NCOA so the mailers can get your contact details. 

  • Postal service departments back NCOA by maintaining a list of vacant addresses or addresses where no mail has reached within 90 days. 
  • Be careful while you input data. Do not mix the name and address columns. The business name and person name should go in the different dash. House names and street names are not synonymous. 
  • Based on name, postal matching takes place in NCOA. If you are supplying the wrong data be ready to get your mail back. Correctness in all forms is necessary.
  • Sometimes the post office chosen is not appropriate. The mail address is not under the serviceable range of the post office. It may be outside the city or town. Sometimes the city name doesn’t match with the zip code. Check with the post office data. Input the address and search for delivery zones. 


To reduce UAA is the goal of service providers and consumers. Though Undeliverable as Addressed can be fixed, it is better not to upgrade it. This incurs a financial loss and the smooth running of business gets crippled. 

Consult NCOA, postal departments, and other ancillary service providers before mailing. The industry is goal-oriented in providing accurate and timely services. It is on your part to match the inputs before mailing. Save money, save time and avoid Undeliverable as Addressed!