USPS Tracking (International & Package): The Ultimate Guide

Do you ever hear the term USPS Tracking? If yes then, we are sure you know about it and if no, then don’t worry we will explain you about it.

United States postal tracking service is after all one of the most useful and capable add-on services that the US Postal Service offers. Though this service is provided by the company to its millions of customers to track their mail items and packages, yet it never fails to track.

The U.S Postal Service Tracking gives a perfect update on the location of the package of a particular customer about where it is lying in the shipment. Proposing a feature like this is vital in today’s modern world where the clients have become very clever and, they always want to remain updated.

With this tracking service, the customers can keep their eyes on every process of the transport and stay updated. It is suitable for customers to get the current updates on the order when they order the packages using the different services and mail classes of United State Postal Service like domestic, international, etc.

After reading this, you will at least get an idea that USPS tracking facility is an end-to-end process and you can track your emails and packages from stating process to endpoint process with US postal tracking amenity.

Before you place the order with the US Postal Service, it is essential for you and other customers to know some useful things about it. The customers should be aware of what they provided and what they can do with them, and what facilities they get as they put their order with USPS. There are various ways to find location one’s package and receiving to know the current update of a package.

In this article, we will talk about all associated with USPS international tracking info like phone number & contact details. We will discuss what is tracking or locate your shipment and how does it work. Then next, we will go to the different approaches to tracking the USPS packages.

The methods for doing is listed as, over the phone, viewing tracking info by RSS,  tracking the package by file transmission, track package through emails, registered post tracking, tracking with USPS mobile app, and by USPS text tracking.

We will also see how to use proper keywords for it, how to request delivery on a particular time, and a lot of other further information on USPS text tracking.

We will also show a method of adding advance tracking and confirmation, costs, and all the frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to the USPS tracking. But before talking about every tracking system in detail, let us first think about what tracking is and how does it work.

Everything you need to know about USPS restricted delivery from here.

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The national mail carrier USPS provides to its customers the facility of post office tracking, which we told you above already.

When we think about what is tracking or locating, then it is an easy way that allows the customer to find the full status of their mail and packages items. If you want to proceed with tracking, it does not mean that you need to put any extra energy to get this data.

It adds this facility inevitably with your domestic mailing goods. But, there is some service where the USPS does not comprise this facility. For example, Commercial Standard Mail parcels. They are different from the domestic shipping products, and therefore Commercial Standard Mail parcels do not offer the tracking facility.

But, if the customer of Commercial Standard Mail wishes to available the USPS tracking, then they need not worry. They can easily acquire this facility by giving an extra amount of charge or fees.

Usps tracking

After paying the mandatory charge, the users of Commercial Standard Mail can use the tracking service as it will work as an add-on service.

But you must know that this facility does not offer the promise of the delivery. In case the customer adds any companionable service with the International products, then only he gets the confirmation. For example the signature of the recipient.

It helps as the proof of post office tracking delivery special service. It is also the way to track one’s international packages by using the USPS international tracking service.

Are you aware of the United State Postal Service tracking tool and mechanism? If not then it is good to know about it. If you are already aware of it, then it is fantastic.

However, if you don’t know about it, then you there is nothing wrong with it and do not take tension as it is a simple mechanism.

The USPS system has permitted the post offices or post office employees to make any item trackable. The post office offers a tracking number for all the mail items and packages they receive for delivery.

That mailed and delivery items go through scanning many times in the transport starting from the receipt of the mail item to the time of its delivery for different purposes.

Every time the mail item goes from one hand to another hand, it is scanned. Freshly, the U.S. Postal Service has upgraded its tracking mechanism which has led to the enhanced tracking mechanism.

Now the consumers can get an even more accurate location of their mail and packages items.

USPS examinations and scan your mail item more than 11 times during the transit process? Do you have this idea? Surprised! Yes, this is the main reason how the customers can use the feature of the door-to-door tracing.

Now, we will talk about the various methods to locate your package. As we have already instructed you, there are many ways of tracking your package.

Here, we will talk about every method in detail at all points. So, go through the different ways of United States postal service tracking and choose the one which you find the most simple or suitable for you to use.


There are different methods to know the latest update and the process of your package. Some of the best methods to track a United State Postal Service package are posted below with all the information. But if you lost USPS tracking number then check the link for getting more information.


usps official site

It is the first and the most useful method to track your US Postal Service package and mail. You can find your package online by going to the official site of the USPS. The U.S. Postal Service keep up its official site in the best thinkable way. A user has to go to its website and then get updates of the packages with tracking info.

We have already told you that USPS tracking is not part of every delivery. For example, the domestic first-class mail shipments and the media mail and do not include the USPS tracking feature. And therefore you can’t do USPS first class track.

But you can get the tracking facility with these mail classes by recompensing an extra fee for mailing your deliveries. Another important thing to know is that USPS does not treat all their shipments similarly.

They may have different prices and different features. If your shipment is expensive, you can get the data about this in detail.

Now, let’s take a look at how to track the package online. But before you go through it require your tracking number. You must be knowing how to and from where to find your tracking number. If you don’t have any idea, then refer our article to this topic.

Now, come to the main point that is the process of tracking your package via online method. For tracking your package follow the step given below:

Step 1:

  • First, open the official site that is So go to the leading site of United States Postal Service, which is for USPS parcel tracking.
track usps package

Step 2:

  • Log-in to your account and next select the United State Postal Service order tracking option. Once, you are logged in to the official site of usps; you can see that there are three options available to track your parcel.
  • The first choice is to enter your tracking number into the blank box. It is available on the homepage.
  • The second option, you will find under the category of a quick tool as to select the option “Track a Package.”
  • The third and last option is to select the Tracking option which is given under the classification of the Track & Manage. Henceforth, this way you can select a tracking option that you find the easiest.

Step 3:

  • In step three, you have to enter your tracking number. In this step, you can enter maximum 35 tracking number at the same time. To find your package, you have to enter your tracking number into the given empty field. If you have more than one shipments, then you can enter all at the same time that is separated commas.

Step 4:

  • After entering an exact number, next click on the track button. So after providing the tracking number, what you have to do is to press the track button.
  • Just in second, the page will display your tracking update on your pc, laptop or phone screen. You must be right there in façade of your computer or phone screen to track the update.

The page will show you all the information related to USPS track package, as follows:

  • The status of the item
  • Updated Delivery Day of the package
  • Date and time
  • It’s Features
  • Location of the item
  • Postal Product of the package

In a progress bar, you will find all detail the information about the Product and Tracking.


track by reference

Another choice to track package is by using your RSS reader. The customers frequently use their RSS reader to track their packages. RSS reader is used to tracking the deliveries via United States Postal Service, FedEx, or United Parcel Service (UPS). But, the users need to create a unique RSS input for using this. To track the USPS shipment using the RSS reader, a user has to follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Next, open the RSS Reader. You can simply open the RSS Reader or go to your personalized homepage. Now, what you have to do is to choose the function to subscribe to an RSS feed through the URL.

Step 3:

  • In this step, you have to generate tracking URL. You can generate the tracking URL by adding the tracking number to the URL given below. It will also allow USPS ground tracking.
  • For United States Postal Service: type=usps&tracking_number=
  • For FedEx Air:
  • For FedEx Ground:
  • For UPS (United Parcel Service): type=ups&tracking_number=

Step 4:

  • Now, you have to subscribe to the RSS Reader. For that pick your RSS reader and subscribe to it.

Step 5:

  • In this last and final step, you need to copy the URL and paste it into the RSS Reader for US postal service tracking through RSS. By this simple way, you can easily track your package.


Track your USPS package using the phone is another convenient way.  Many USPS customers use the service for tracking their packages over their smartphones. It is quite easy to get the tracking updates just by making a help desk number. To get the detail, the customer needs to call the number given below for USPS tracking: 1800 222 1811.

The working hours of the customer care service representatives are:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. (ET)
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (ET)
  • Sundays as well as on public holidays: Closed

On this number and in working hours, you can call and speak to the customer care representatives. They will help you to track your mail or parcel item. Here also you need tracking number as the customer service person will ask you, your tracking number for tracking parcel.

Once you provide them the exact, they will be capable of giving you the latest update of your shipment as a part of their service. Using the phone is a modest process. This method is best when you don’t want to any lengthier process like above but before you call on the given number check the time, date as well as day also.


This method is another method to track USPS delivery. If you are a certified shipper then, the file transmission will work for you. The certified shipper means a customer who uses the certified mail class as the additional service while giving the order of shipment to USPS. If we said in easy words, then file transmission is a data file that is transferred between the U.S. Postal Service and the sender in an electronic means. You can do a Certified mail tracking using this method.


The next and fifth method for the USPS Tracking is via emails. Tracking your posts and parcels through this method is much easier compare to all of above. Using this process, the user gets the notifications about his items in his email inbox.

If you have decided to use this method of USPS tracking, then note that here, there are mostly three types of information that are available, the three methods are:

The consumers get only that data which is available at the time he/she requests.

The customers get all the notification about every single update which is available at the time he/she requests and also the future updates.

The clients get the notifications on all mail item as the item passes over the mail stream.

The USPS customers can request the email updates at the time they purchase online and also at any time. To take benefit of the service, the customers must have their tracking number along with them, and also it must be listed on the main site of the USPS shipping account.

To use this email facility, follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

  • In the first step, one primary thing to do for tracking the packages is to go to the USPS official site. On this official website, you have to enter the tracking number into the given empty field.

Step 2:

  • Now, click on the GET EMAIL UPDATES.

Step 3:

  • The last and third step is to follow the easy prompts. These prompts will help you to set up the notification option as you wish.

After this three steps, the process completes.

After selecting the above option, you will able to track your package via email notification, but some time it stops sending mail. If USPS tracking is not updating and giving the latest updates then here’s the step by step solution.

What to Do When Your USPS Package is Missed/Lost/Stolen?


When customers stop receiving email notifications from USPS, then they will ask this question to a customer representative. This answer to this question is that as soon as the customer gets his/her item at their provided address, it will stop sending the email notifications of US mail tracking to him/her. Even, in case the customer has asked for the stop email updates himself, then it will stop within a maximum of two weeks, as per its rules.

If there is an issue and you are not getting any Notifications, updates or Tracking information Emails, then there may be some reasons for this. The reason for not getting emails may be any of the stated below:

If the users can have their junk mail filter enabled by default or maybe the user has enabled it then you might be not receiving emails. Therefore user needs to check this filter to make sure that it allows the email updates from it.

There may be changes in a hurry that you provide your wrong email address to USPS. Due to some emergency, the customers enter the wrong email ID in the form. If you feel this may be the reason then visit the main tracking page of USPS and check if any additional event information is available or not. If the same is available, then you can submit the change request or request for another email notification.

If the user is not receiving the post office package tracking emails, then one but the obvious reason could be that there are no new updates as you didn’t send any mail or package.


Another suitable and handy method of USPS package tracking is to track with its Mobile App. The USPS offers a mobile application that works for Android as well as for iOS. Using this mobile app, any USPS customers can track the shipment and many more. The customers can do things like changing their address, shop online, find the locations, compute postage, purchase the stamps, plan pickups, hold mail, etc.

You can find this app on the apple app store and google play store. So there are no worries for an operating system, whether it is Android or iOS, you can do your work with any of them.


One of the ways is USPS Text tracking, to get the latest update on your shipping item. In this method, the USPS sends its user a text message of the current status or update of their parcel or mail on your registered mobile number. There are two methods for using this service. You can choose any of them.

Method 1: From the USPS Main Site:

It is the online path of asking the text track. If you wish to make a demand for the text track, this is the online way for USPS shipping tracking. For this method, you also need the tracking number. As you get the update online, you will be able to register your number to get the text updates of your shipment. To use it, select one of the following options:

  • All the activities of future.
  • Update or the notification of delivery or attempted delivery of the package.
  • All the activities of past and future.
  • All the activities of past.

Method 2: Over the Phone:

You can also permit the USPS text tracking over your mobile phone. For this you can:

You can send a text message with your tracking number to the number 28777 (2USPS). The answer or reply will come from this number with the latest update or status of your shipment.

You can send a text message with your tracking number and the keyword about information to the number 28777 (2USPS). The keyword that you use will notify the USPS which data you wish to get.

Note that the meaning of different keywords will be provided below, with the same title.

You just check the two ways of sending the text message to USPS, and you get the difference and select the best. The main difference is that if you send the text from your mobile to 28777 number, it will only offer you the latest status of your package, and if you want to know some more information about the same package, then you need to send a separate text message to 28777 for additional information.

But, if you demand on its website, then you will have distinct choices like choose the option to retrieve all the past or future scanned updates of the package, past and future activities on the mail items, notification after the delivery or in the case of an attempted delivery.


As we have stated, the keywords while updating you how to do post office parcel tracking through text message and we must talk about how to use those keywords in detail. The USPS text tracking service allows the users the use of the keyword along with the tracking number for getting tracking details. The given keywords will show you the keywords which you can use in combination with your tracking number. And these keywords are not case sensitive so you can write in any way.

You need to write the text in the following way: <trackingnumber code>

For example, 9876543210123456789098 AP.

If you don’t have an idea about the keywords, then you can get this list of keyword definitions on your mobile, write “KEYWORD” and send it to 28777 (2USPS).


  • Delivery: The updated Delivery Date or Expected or Guaranteed Delivery Date
  • When: The updated Delivery Date or Expected or Guaranteed Delivery Date
  • AA: All the past and future activities on the package
  • Update: The updated Delivery Date or Expected or Guaranteed Delivery Date
  • AF: Only the future activity on the package
  • Stop: Stop getting the Text Tracking messages for this label.
  • AP: Only the previous activity on the package
  • DND: The Notification of every delivery or delivery attempt
  • Date: The updated Delivery Date or Expected or Guaranteed Delivery Date


If you are one of those customers, who do not wish to receive the US postal office tracking updates of their shipping during off-hours that is between the 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. (CST) hours. Then for you, this option is also available. So, to not get the USPS tracking updates during off hours, write ‘Quiet’ and send it to 28777 (2USPS).

You will receive a text message written as “USPS Text Tracking, Quiet Time Enabled.” Which means now onwards the USPS will not send you an update on your mobile number during off hours. So the updates will start after 7 a.m. (CST).

If you want to receive the messages any time that wants remove the Quiet Time, write “Awake” and send it on 28777. After sometime USPS will send a message, that says “USPS Text Tracking, Quiet Time Disabled.”

You can change or update this request this anytime. There is no particular time for it.


Here is some more information on USPS text tracking include:

To stop receiving text notification:

To stop notification write “UNSUBSCRIBE,”  “STOP,” “QUIT,” “ARRET,” or “CANCEL,” and send it on 28777 (2USPS). After this, you will not get any update on any tracking number of the shipment.

To stop notifications for any specific tracking number, write “STOP” and the tracking number and send it on 28777 (2USPS).

The USPS text tracking service was before worked only for the customers of US-based mobile numbers. But, in 2015, they added USPS tracking service for Canada so the customers who use Canadian mobile numbers will also get tracking notification.

The users do not need to register on USPS to get the text tracking information but, USPS will ask you to if you want to select and try for the first time.

For any other help or support, you can call or send keywords like HELP, INFO, and AIDE on this number: 1 800 222 1811.

All the above are different ways of tracking your mail or courier. Choose your favorite method from the above and start tracking. All these methods are suitable, easy and user-friendly. After subscribing to any of these methods, you will able to start receiving the tracking information. tracking method is most prevailing.


It will easy for you to get all the updates if you add advanced tracking and confirmation updates regarding your package. Following are the things you can do the same:

Delivery Confirmation:

  • It is sent permitting to your request whether via mail or email.

Add Return Receipt:

  • If you ask for the return receipt, the sender will get the confirmation via email or mail. But for this confirmation, you have to pay $2.70, and if you want to get the confirmation via mail or by email, you have to pay $1.35. So by using this service, you will get the guarantor name and the pickup site address.

Signature Confirmation:

  • You can request USPS for signature confirmation. By using this feature, only that person whose name is written on the package will be able to receive the mail or package. If the letter carrier does not find that particular person at home to accept the shipment, then he/she will not give the package to anybody else who present at home and take that package back to the post office. Even for confirmation, a receiver has to show his/her identity proof. Using this facility the sender can also request a copy of signatory’s name. But for this, he/she have to pay $3 for it.

Hold on to Receipt:

  • As the receipt has the tracking number, which you can use to track your package, but if you are using this service then you do not need to track these type of mail items as the USPS will inform you once the delivery is done.

Visit USPS Main Site:

  • Go to the official site of USPS and the remaining of the process is just the same. Enter simply your tracking number and track your package.


One question of the common question which many of the customers ask is that how much USPS cost for tracking? You not believe but the amazing answer is that you do not need to pay a single penny for the postal tracking. USPS automatically enables this service with most of the products. But, remember not with every product. So if your product will not fall on this list, then you have to pay an extra charge and bear some extra cost.



No, you cannot track first-class mail. Any additional services like a signature confirmation, tracking, hold on receipt, etc. are not possible for the first-class mail. If the customer does not get their first-class mail within five working days, then they can USPS customer service center or call 1 800 ASK USPS (1 800 275 8777) and file your objection about the same.


No, you are not able to track the mail items and packages which come from foreign countries in the US. Yes, but this item can trackable in foreign countries but not in the US according to the USPS priority mail international tracking. Few services of express mail tracking like Priority Mail Express International (PMEI) and Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) items internationally. And these are the only two mail services that customers can track in the US and other countries in short globally.


It was all about the USPS Tracking service provided for its customers. You can track your USPS priority mail tracking, Certified Mail, Registered Mail and much more With the methods given in the article. Even user wish then they provide some additional add-on services.

Hopefully, you like this article on USPS tracking. If you find any doubt, then ask us. Out expert will as soon as possible solve it. You can leave your reviews in the comment box, too. Like it and surely share it. Thank you!!

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