How to Return USPS Package to Sender?

Do you sometimes have this question that HOW TO RETURN USPS PACKAGE TO SENDER? then read on! We received many packages to our postal address in our daily life.

Sometimes it happens that a delivery person also left the package which doesn’t belong to us due to some confusion. It may be a parcel of the previous or next house, or it might be a mail of someone or junk mail.

In both the above cases, you want to take the serious step because it might have some important document or thing in the parcel. So what you do in such a situation? Ok let me clear you, in case if you know the way it is good, but if you don’t know, then this article will help you to sort out that problem.

So if you also face such circumstances, then you can send back the package to USPS return to sender parcel service. As I stated above it may be an item, mail. So first you have to identify a type of thing or mail. After that, you can start the process of returning the mail item. Let’s find out how you can do so:

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So you got the reasons to send back the package.If you want to send the wrongly arrived parcel to the sender, then there is a way to it too. USPS-United States Postal Service provides you this facility through which one can send the mail item back to the sender. What is the process for it? This question may arise in your mind so let’s start the process:


Through this service, you can send back letters and parcels to their sender. For this, follow the steps or rules given below:

Step 1: Collect the mail items

First, gather all the packages and mail items that arrive at your address. It can either only one or multiple pieces.

Step 2: Don’t open the envelope:

Note that does not open any envelope of package otherwise, it will make the process more tedious.

Step 3: Write “return to sender” on mail item or envelope:

On the envelope write return to the sender in bold and clear letters without canceling the real return address.
If you know that it’s an unwanted mail, then also you can do the same process with that, too.

You can also leave or throw that mail or keep it with you; it’s all depend on your choice, but in many countries throwing mail of other address.

Even if you know that the item addressed someone else who lived there previously, then you can write on the envelope, “No Longer at this Address, Return to Sender.”

Note that if you follow this process within a period, then it is free. There is no additional cost for it. But you have signed while receiving the package and the time limit exceed then you have to buy another envelope and pay an additional charge for the postage.

Step 4: Write “addressee moved” or “wrong address” (optional):
If you wish, you can also add a note with the reason for sending back of the parcel to the sender like wrong address or address moved. It is optional. You can also write codes for returning to the sender.

Step 5: Cross out your address:
After following above steps, you have to cross out your address so that worker at the postal office could understand that it doesn’t belong to you and shouldn’t to be delivered next time to you again.

Step 6: Drop the mail item in the mailbox:
After completion of all formality, go to the mailbox and drop it into the box. The carrier will take the mail item back to the post office and process it again and send that back to the sender.

Note that the carrier doesn’t pick the items, then only you have to go to the post office for dropping the package.


United State Postal Service pick up the package and send it back to the sender if it is written “Return to Sender” on it, but if you receive and signed the mail item or opened it, then you have to put it in the new envelope and pay for postage. The charge of postage will be the cost of returning the package.


If you are receiving many mail and parcels for the previous homeowner, then you can write a note to the post office or can tell your shipper about this. After this, if the problem persists, then write “Leave Mail Only for (your name)” on the mailbox.

Even after the problem is not solved then visit the nearest local post office and fill a form of address change for each name. If the above method doesn’t work for you, then you should visit the nearest post office and fill a change of address form for each name. You can also do this online if you know the new address of the previous residence.

Even after Post Office sending back to Sender method also doesn’t work and you face the same issue then USPS Return to sender Service will help you out of this problem. Write a serious not to post office and sender as well and ask them to stop sending all unnecessary and non-relevant parcels.

In case there is no send back to address on the parcel then USPS will hold it for maximum 15 days, and after that, they will send it to Dead Mail Office. This office will send them back to the sender or destroy them or sell them in to auction only in the case when they don’t find address sender on the parcel.


It is all about USPS return to sender service. We hope after reading this article; you will surely get an idea how to return the junk mail or addressed to someone else or unsolicited or a package that is not yours.

You are familiar to the policy, USPS offers.Now you must have got the answer to your question so just write your message in the bold and clear letter on the envelope and done.This article does not provide information about tracking.
Even after this guide, you find any problem then ask us using the comment box and share your reviews, too. Thank you for reading!

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