Is Christmas Eve a USPS Holiday?

Is Christmas Eve a USPS Holiday and do they deliver on this day? We all are familiar with the world’s best shipping centers USPS, UPS, and FedEx. They offer 24/7 services for us no matter whether the day is sunny or in torrential rain but are there days when they don’t deliver?

The team of these shipping centers puts all their efforts to do the best for the customers. Don’t you think they all should deserve a break of a few days for their efforts? If you think, so you may feel that they should get a break.

There are some days when postal services and post offices do not work. On those days the shipping service center won’t provide any type of service to the customers. (Mail delivery)

does mail run on christmas eve?

Most of the customers have raised many queries regarding the services offered by the shipping centers on Christmas Eve. To aid you all with your questions, we are presenting an overview of the holidays of the three best shipping centers, especially on Christmas Eve in this article. Let us get started with the United States Postal Service.

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Is Christmas Eve a USPS Holiday and doe they deliver that day?

All around the world, Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals full of happiness. That’s why Christmas Eve regards as a federal holiday all across the globe. On the federal holiday, all the post offices and some government sector jobs will be closed. Not only these but also libraries, organizations, offices, etc., will be closed. To make your work easier, we are providing an overview of the holidays offered by the USPS service center.

does usps deliver on christmas eve

Now to come back to our primary question Does USPS provide its services on Christmas? Well, the answer to this question is unfortunately No, USPS won’t provide its services on Christmas Eve as  Christmas Day is a holiday for all post offices.

You may well have the term Priority Mail Express, which runs 365 days a year. The only type of mail that the USPS will on that day however is the Priority Mail Express. So, in case if you have booked your package through the standard mail, then you will be disappointed. We, therefore, suggest that if you want your mail to reach its destination on Christmas Eve that you use Priority Mail Express.

These are some key points that need to be considered on Christmas Eve:

  • The Post Offices will close on the Eve of Christmas, which is on December 24th.
  • So, plan accordingly, and it is also advised to all business customers to contact the Business Customer Gateway well in advance.
  • As can be expected all the post office services will be closed on Christmas Day, December 25th.
  • Priority Mail Express services will continue on December 24th and 25th as well.
  • The day after Christmas Day, December 26th, work will resume as normal.

When thinking about what is the last possible day that you can send mail, and expect it to be received look at the following bullet points. Please note that these are the very last dates and it is by no means certain that your precious items will be received before Christmas.

  • For the First Class Mail, the suggested date is Dec 19th.
  • For the Priority Mail Service, the suggested date is Dec 20th.
  • For the Priority Mail Express Service, the suggested date is Dec 22nd.
  • For the USPS Retail Ground, the recommended date is on Dec 14th.

The above are the suggested dates for the USPS delivery services. This does not include Alaska and Hawaii.

The recommended dates for Alaska and Hawaii are:

The Christmas holiday shipping days in Alaska are:

  • For the First Class Mail, the suggested date is Dec 20th.
  • For the Priority Mail Service, the suggested date is Dec 20th.
  • For the Priority Mail Express Service, the suggested date is Dec 21st.

The Christmas holiday shipping days in Hawaii are:

  • For the First Class Mail, the suggested date is Dec 15th.
  • For the Priority Mail Service, the suggested date is Dec 15th.
  • For the Priority Mail Express Service, the suggested date is Dec 20th.

From the above details, the message should be very clear. If in case you want to post anything during the Christmas period – plan accordingly to avoid disappointment.

How to Send Items in an Emergency during Christmas?

If you need to send any items of mail in an emergency, then you can opt for the UPS Express Critical Service, the only service which is available 365 days 24/7.

For further details, you can Contact 1-800-714-8779 or go through the official website here.

Other UPS Services During the Christmas Period

December 18th:

  • This day the delivery services will be carried out as usual. It is also the last day to ship using the UPS 3-day delivery if you want your item(s) to arrive by Christmas Day.

December 19th:

  • You can send using the UPS 3-day delivery on this day, but the delivery will be made on or after December 26th.

December 20th/22nd:

  • These are the last days to send the UPS 2-day delivery. If you opt for this delivery, then the item will be delivered the day before Christmas. Just remember that a lot of offices have different weekend opening hours and may not be available on these dates.

December 23rd:

  • On this day, the delivery of UPS Next Day Year, UPS Worldwide Express, and UPS 2nd Day Air Packages happen that are processed and labeled for Saturday delivery. In the case of UPS Air and International Packages, the UPS call-up service is a possibility for last-minute deliveries.

December 24th and 25th:

  • On these dates, the UPS services will be closed. The next day, the UPS starts doing its work as usual.

Let us now take a look at the third shipping service – FedEx.

Does FedEx Deliver at Christmas?

FedEx is also one of the shipping service centers which does not deliver on Christmas. The FedEx same-day delivery service will be available 365 days 24/7. The list of the FedEx holidays is shown in the table below:


Conclusion Regarding Mail Delivery at Christmas

In the above article, we have looked at delivery times over the Christmas Holiday period for the 3 main service providers – USPS, UPS, and FedEx. From this, you can see that they each have very similar availability during the busiest time of the year. The best advice that we can give is that you plan well in advance and don’t leave things too late.

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