USPS Holidays 2023: Is the Post Office Open in %currentyear%?

USPS Holidays – 2023 – Is The Post Office Open? We often receive breaks in the place where we work such as schools, hospitals, offices, companies, and some public places. Similarly, post offices also have holidays.

We often send mail and parcels to our friends and relatives around the holiday period. It’s important to know exactly what days the post office is closed so you don’t get caught out and be left holding that important information, documents or gifts. We have therefore set out to answer the question – is the post office open?

Here you will find the latest list of USPS Holidays 2023. Most people think that the post office will be open every day and that we can send the mail at any time, but the fact is that the USPS holidays for the service centers and post offices show that they have periods when they are closed too, and won’t be available.

Below is the list of USPS holidays that are observed by the service centers and post offices. Mail will not deliver during these days, so you should think ahead and plan accordingly to ensure that you don’t miss sending your items in time.

usps holidays

Feel free to share the above table of USPS holidays with friends and family so that they don’t get cut short on these important days.

Sr. No.Week DayDateHolidayLetterStream Schedule
1SaturdayJanuary – 1, 2022New Year’s DayClosed
2MondayJanuary – 17, 2022Martin Luther King Jr. birthdayOpen and Mailing *
3MondayFebruary – 21, 2022Washington’s birthdayOpen and Mailing *
4MondayMay – 30, 2022Memorial DayClosed
5MondayJuly – 4, 2022Independence DayClosed
6MondaySeptember – 5, 2022Labor DayClosed
7MondayOctober – 10, 2022Columbus DayOpen and Mailing *
8FridayNovember – 11, 2022Veterans’ Day #Closed
9ThursdayNovember – 24, 2022Thanksgiving DayClosed
10SaturdayDecember – 25, 2022Christmas DayClosed

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A Short Note to Recap on the Important USPS Holidays:

Have a look at the USPS holiday details below.

Are USPS offices open on New Year’s Day? – No

It’s a major holiday that is observed all over the world, as expected by employees of the USPS as well. So, the company suspended its service from New Year’s Eve itself. 

Hence, if anyone wishes to mail any special gifts for the occasion, they need to post them beforehand.

Are USPS offices open on Memorial Day? – No They Are Not

This day is set aside to honor the veterans of the Military who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Hence, it’s a very important holiday for Americans. And so it is for the USPS whose employees join the commemoration ceremony held in honor of those veterans. Hence, their services remain closed.

Does USPS deliver on Independence Day? – No

This is the most significant day with historical significance. The entire American nationality celebrates this day with great enthusiasm, and so do the employees of USPS. Hence, the company suspends its services for the day to join the grand celebration.

Are USPS offices open on Labor Day? – No They Are Not

It is another vital holiday observed in America. Labour Day is celebrated to recognize the contributions of the workers. Hence, it’s a day when the USPS would like to pay their respect and withhold their services.

Are USPS offices open at Thanksgiving? – No

Thanksgiving is celebrated with a grand feast by the people to show their gratefulness for the autumn harvest. Plus, this day marks the beginning of the festive season. Thus, it is an important holiday that sets the mood in the country. 

So, USPS suspends its services during this period so that its employees too can celebrate Thanksgiving with huge grandeur. 

Are USPS offices open on Christmas Day? – No They Are Closed

This is the most loved holiday which is celebrated all over the world with great pomp and show. And no wonder it’s the much-awaited time of the year for Americans when the adults are just as excited as the kids are to celebrate the day. 

Hence, USPS suspends its services right from Christmas Eve, so any vital delivery or gifts for the festive season must be scheduled with them beforehand.

There are other holidays when the USPS likes to keep its office closed to join in the celebration, but these few are the most important ones they want to observe.

Is the Post Office Open on Good Fridays?Yes

Yes, USPS keeps its office open on Good Fridays. Although Good Friday is also an important holiday and has a special significance behind it, it’s not considered a Federal Holiday. So, USPS keeps its services open on this day without letting it affect their office hours or mail deliveries.

Also, the Post Office doesn’t observe any kind of Easter holidays as well. Easter, which falls between March and April, is not considered a Federal Holiday even though it might be a state holiday. Hence, it’s not observed as a postal holiday, and the USPS conducts its services normally during this period.

To Recap the USPS Holidays

  • Jan 2 – New Year’s Day – Monday.
  • Jan 16 – Martin Luther King Day – Monday.
  • Feb 20 – Washington’s Birthday – Monday.
  • May 29 – Memorial Day – Monday.
  • June 19 – Juneteenth National Independence Day – Monday.
  • July 4 – Independence Day – Tuesday.
  • Sep 4 – Labor Day – Monday.
  • Oct 9 – Columbus Day – Monday.
  • Nov 11 – Veterans Day – Saturday.
  • Nov 23 – Thanksgiving Day – Thursday.
  • Dec 25 – Christmas Day – Monday.

So, that summarizes everything that there is to know regarding USPS Holidays and the question – Is The Post Office Open? We hope you find it useful. Thank you!

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