USPS LiteBlue Phone Number To Change Address For Postal Employees

We have been facing many problems while changing the addresses. In this article I would like to present the address for Postal Employees LiteBlue United States Postal Service, here I would like to present a guide of change of address for postal employees.

We often get posts from our friends, but many times we may have encountered many problems while receiving the posts.

We all know that the United States of America is one of the most organized countries in the world. It has large networks of services such as mail service, the current topic which we are going to discuss.

USPS stands for United State Postal Services. It is the largest postal service center all over the world. It consists of over 620,000 employees whose job is to manage the whole nation mails and courier services and play a key role in sending them from one place to another.

The USPS LiteBlue is a portal which aids all employees of United States Postal Service through their support, payroll, employment, and career aspects.

After reading the above information, it is clear to all of us that the United States Postal Service is doing something great which seems to be impossible.

But if we want to change the address of a post, then how can we find the desired one, seems to be impossible right but this job is quite easier for USPS employees. Let’s see how this is possible.

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USPS LiteBlue Change Of Password through Portal

The portal aids all of us in different aspects especially in login and sending the information. We can access the portal from anywhere all around the world. Every employee of the USPS LiteBlue will be given an account to log in, to share any information or to do work they need to access the portal.

The most important point we all need to consider is the outsiders are not allowed to login in this portal. If in case you try so then the authorities will take legal action.

Through the portal, the employee can check his performance creditability, their loan requests, sanctions, salary receipts, and Payrolls. This portal also helps the officials to know about the details of the employees such as Name, Address Number and also about their performance.

If a worker wants to change his address in the portal, then it can be done in many ways as follows:-

This the easiest way and can be done from the portal itself, follow the above steps to get to know about the changing of address.

USPS LiteBlue Phone Number To Change Address For Postal Employees
  • If in case you have forgotten your password then follow the same steps as mentioned in the previous article.
  • Select the Login option on the screen and enter your account number.
  • Next, go to the “My HR Tab” and then select the option “Change My Address” followed by edit.
  • Later on, change the address details and also the required forms in the menu.
  • Finally, select the review option to recheck the information. After that select Save option and this makes you change the address.

It is the easiest way to change the address or any personal information of an employee through the portal. We can also change the address in different methods. Let’s knew about the other methods.

USPS LiteBlue Change of Address In different Methods

We all know the fact that technology has changed our lives and made us in getting done all our works faster and easier. These methods are used for the case of emergency purposes mostly.

Use Of Postal Mail:

Here we need to send the information which we want to change to the following address in the form of mail. Automatically the information will be reached to the head office, and the address will be changed. It is the address where you are supposed to send the application.

  • HR/SSC Compensation and Benefits, P.O Box Number 970400, Greensboro-N.C. 27497-0400, U.S.A.

Use Of Phone Service:

Users can get in touch easily with the employees and select the 5th option and can convey the information they want to do so. The helpline number is 877-477-3273. You can contact the helpline and change the address.

Use Of USPS Kiosk:

Users can access the PC Kiosk located at distribution centers and large processing centers in some Post Offices. The help desk will be available in the regional places, please make of use of the desks and make your works done easily.


These are the few methods with which we can change the address of United States Postal Service liteblue, name or any information regarding the post or an employee. I hope that this was helpful to you and please refer if you still have any queries.

Thank you!

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