How to Refuse a USPS Package? – 6 Quick Solutions

Is it possible to refuse a USPS package? Most definitely – Let us show you how with these quick solutions. When you find a piece of mail that is not yours you might not accept it. But you may feel confused about how to refuse a USPS mailpiece. Refusing a package is very easy but read out this article to find out how to do it.

During delivery even after delivery, items or shipments might be returned or refused. If the postal carrier delivers the package to you and you want to deny it at the same time, simply request that he or she return it to the sender. If the delivery is made before a certain date or a certain number of days, mark the mail “Refused” and place it in the mailbox, or request the mail carrier to pick it up.xq

Make sure you don’t unwrap the package because it will not be refused if you do. Not all items or mail classes, such as registered mail, signature-required mail, collect-on-delivery parcels, certified mail, and return receipt merchandise, are eligible for refusal.

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How to Refuse a USPS Package After Delivery?

Want to refuse a USPS package? First and foremost you must not open it. But if you have opened it already, you have to repack it carefully. 

Just mark the package with “refused”, and then drop it at the nearest courier service. But you must do it within the specified time. Also, write the return address correctly.

What Packages Can’t Be Refused After Delivery?

When you want to refuse a USPS package then the following items are not eligible for postage-free return:

1. You can’t return registered mail

2. You cannot decline the package if you acknowledge the official receipt at the time of delivery.

3. Mail is sent to an addressee under the addressee’s sales promotion, appeal, announcement, or other marketing purpose and is not denied when provided to the addressee may not be denied and returned freight-free after delivery.

4. Packages that are sent to a PO Box.

How to refuse a USPS package before delivery?

Plan if you want to refuse a USPS package. You can notify your post office if you are going to receive a shipment from USPS that you do not want to accept. Notify the office in charge of the delivery that you do not want the shipment to be delivered to you. The delivery procedure will be suspended and the goods will be returned to the sender.

There are no packages that you are unable to decline. However, some items, such as COD items, registered mail, or any promotional emails, are not eligible for free return postage to the sender. It means you’ll have to pay for these postal shipments to be repatriated to their sender.

But before you ask your nearest post office to hold the delivery of any shipment, you need to check if the parcel qualifies for package intercept. Package Intercept is only useful if your item is in transit but has not yet been delivered. However, unless you are using USPS Shipment Intercept, you cannot decline a parcel from USPS before it has been delivered.

Any international letter or printed substance carrying a particular name or address appearing outside may be withheld from shipment for not more than two years if an addressee requests it in writing. The Post Office marks such mail as “Refused” and treats it as undeliverable.

How to Check if Your Package is Eligible for Refusing Before Delivery?

  • The first step to take to refuse a USPS package is to log in to Then just submit your request online to hold the delivery and check if it is eligible.
  • You’ll be given an estimated total after completing your request (intercept charge plus projected Priority Mail® postage, if applicable). Then we’ll try to intercept and reroute the package.
  • If the package is intercepted, the $15.25 Package Intercept cost, plus any relevant postage, will be charged to your credit card. Any additional postage will be charged if the actual postage is greater than the anticipated postage.
  • Your package will be returned to the sender or held for pickup at the local Post Office.

How do you refuse a USPS package at delivery?

You always have the power to refuse a USPS package when it arrives at your door. In this case, the delivery person will return the package to the office and re-deliver it to the person who requested it. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind while refusing to receive a package.

You should not sign the delivery acknowledgement slip before inspecting the goods. You acknowledge your acceptance by signing the invoice, making a return impossible. You can also refuse a USPS shipment in a few additional circumstances.

The first step to refuse a USPS package is simply to write “refused” on the package.

You should also cross through your address and the barcodes beneath your address using a permanent marker because while this step isn’t essential, it helps to ensure that the refused mail reaches an actual person.

Because USPS uses a lot of automatic shipping software to help balance all of the mail that comes in on a given day, marking the declined package is crucial.

As a result, if you don’t cross off the barcode and address, your box may end up in a basket and go via a machine instead of landing in front of a worker, increasing the chances of it being returned to you.

If you’re declining a package or piece of mail because it’s addressed to somebody who no longer resides at your address, you can also write that on the package/letter.

To avoid further misunderstandings, post a little piece of paper in your mailbox with your name and the names of any other renters at your address.

How do you refuse a USPS package when not home?

For up to 30 days, the USPS Hold Mail service can safely store your mail at your nearest Post office Office facility until you return. Please join a forwarding service if you want your mail to be held longer or rerouted. You can place your order up to 30 days ahead of time or on the next planned delivery day. Specify your Hold Mail service start date by 3 a.m. ET (2 a.m. CT or 12 a.m. PT) on the specified day.

Here’s how to make a hold mail request to the USPS:

  • Sign up for a account or log in if you already have one.
  • Follow the steps to authenticate your identity at USPS Hold Mail.
  • You won’t have to repeat this step for your registered address once your identification has been satisfactorily validated.

Requesting USPS Hold Mail service is free of charge. At any given moment, a single USPS Hold Mail service can be active at a given address. The PO Box does not require a USPS Hold Mail request because mail shipped to a PO Box will be permitted to collect for up to 30 days. If any adjustments are required, make a note of the confirmation number for reference purposes.

Mail may be retained longer in extraordinary circumstances if the postmaster deems it necessary and customers arrange for regular pickup of the collected mail. Customers can sign PS Form 8076, Authorization to Hold Mail, to allow the holding of their mail.

How to refuse a USPS package online?

Just go to your account and submit a request for refusal of delivery. You’ll be given an estimated total after completing your request (intercept charge plus projected Priority Mail® freight, if necessary). After that, they’ll try to intercept and reroute the package.

Frequently Asked Questions on Refuse USPS Package:

Here are some common questions that people have relating to the refusal of USPS packages:

Refuse a USPS package – Is there a time limit for returning goods that you previously received?

If you want to refuse a package that has arrived at your address, there is a specified period within which you should mark it ‘Refused’ and initiate the return process. This time limit is different for various categories of goods and also variable on the mode of delivery. The general time limit is 30 days but may vary for multiple delivery options the USPS offers.

Refuse a USPS package – Do you need to pay any fee or charge for having the package sent back?

When you refuse a parcel received, there is no charge required to send the package back to its sender. But, if you have opened the received goods, you will not be able to avail of the free return to the sender policy. To return such a package, you will need to transfer the belongings into a new envelope and pay its postage charges.

Refuse a USPS package – Are there any goods that don’t qualify for this refusal/return policy?

There are no such packages that you can not refuse to accept. However, some items do not qualify for the free return shipping to sender option. It means you will have to pay to have these mail packages returned to their sender. These items are:
●  Certified Mail, COD, Insured Mail, Registered Mail, Return Receipt for Merchandise Mail, or other signature mail are not eligible for free postal return.
●  Any response mail to sales announcement, promotion, solicitation, or other advertisements not refused at the time of offering also doesn’t qualify for free return.

Refuse a USPS package – How to track an intercepted package USPS?

Customers can use the original article tracking number to track the progress of the Intercepted item.
Using your shipping record and the tracking page, WorldShip, UPS CampusShip, or Quantum View, you can request delivery modifications online. The package’s tracking number can be used by both you and the receiver to update the availability of the intercept request.

Refuse a USPS package – What happens when you refuse a package USPS?

When you refuse a parcel or piece of mail from the United States Postal Service, the package is returned to the sender.
Return-to-sender usually involves a two-week wait (at the very least) at the postal service for the refused mail, which is conducted in case someone arrives to claim it and it was refused to owe to an inaccurately written address or something similar.
If no one comes forward to collect the refused piece of mail following two weeks, the post office reloads it onto a van and sends it back to the return address on the package.

Refuse a USPS package – How do I refuse to return to the sender?

You can request the nearest post office to hold the shipment. Check to see if your package qualifies for Package Intercept.
Customers should use the Track & Confirm function to check the progress of a mailpiece before submitting a request. Every USPS Package Intercept application will be charged to the customer.
Package Intercept from the USPS is not a guaranteed service. The Postal Service will make a concerted effort to locate and divert the mailpiece as requested, but this is not a guaranteed service and no reimbursements are provided.

Refuse a USPS package – Does it cost anything to return to the sender?

You can return the package for free if you haven’t opened it. Simply cross through your name and address, then add “Return to Sender” on the front. You can still return the package if it has been opened, but you will have to pay the shipping cost.
Return Receipt costs $3.05 for a postal receipt and $1.85 for an online receipt sent to you through email. Extra services such as USPS Tracking, Signature Confirmation, Special Handling, Restricted Delivery, and Parcel Airlift Service can be added.

Conclusion – Refuse a USPS package:

Remember that if you want to Refuse a USPS package then the parcel must be unopened. You can also deny a shipment while it is still in transit by using USPS Package Intercept, which involves a USPS account.

To refuse a USPS package, write “refused” on the deliverables and cross through your address and barcode underneath it to confirm that your package reaches a human and is not returned to you by mistake.

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