USPS Return Receipt Electronic: All You Need to Know

Want to know about USPS return receipt electronic? Read on! for getting the related instructions.

It is the computerized option of the PS Form 3811, the Physical take back of the form. Customers can purchase this e-receipt return at the time of mailing. So there are two ways available for every customer to buy it that is they can buy physical send back form PS form 3811 or they can buy this one, and it is entirely up to the customer.

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PS Form 3811

With the e-return of the slip, you will get the information like Delivery date, Delivery address, and Electronic signature. If you purchase this take back slip, then you will not get any hard-copy of taking back slip that is the PS Form 3811. Instead of it, you will get the slip online by email. The receiver signs the mail piece electronically with their mail. Thus, that sign inserted into the system.


To obtain this, you need to buy it at a time of mailing and also wait for successful delivery and signature record to appropriately completed. After that, the service will email it to you. To get a copy of a delivery record from USPS, follow the steps given below:

⦁ First, visit the USPS tracking page by clicking here.

⦁ Next, provide the mailing label printed on the slip and when e-return receipt presented, enter the email id.

⦁ On your email, a link to this service’s Tracking pre-populated delivery information will send. You will also find the signature of a recipient in the email inbox.

Note: To get the take back slip electronically, you must have the article barcode number which can easily found on proof of purchase. You cannot get this slip back email without that barcode number.


The time to get the slip depends on the time of the request that is when the claim made on tracking page. If the application made before the delivery, then you have to wait for the final delivery and the signature work to be completed.

Usually, USPS sends the proof of purchase (electronic) by email within 48 hours of delivery. But this service sends you a slip immediately, i.e., within hours if the request made after the successful delivery and all the documentation has completed.


To track USPS return receipt electronically, you need a barcode. You get it form the slip that is given to you at a time of purchase. That barcode will help you to track computerized return slip. The method to track the proof of purchase already given above. But you may follow the steps:

⦁ Visit the tracking page of USPS from the link given below:

⦁ From the receipt enter the barcode number and click on the track button. Enter the barcode number from the proof of purchase.

⦁ All set! You will get the status of your proof of purchase in a single click.

USPS Return Receipt Electronic


The cost of Electronic Return Receipt is $1.45. So at a time of purchase, you have to pay $1.45 for the computerized return receipt.


⦁ Customers who mail large quantities can participate in USPS Bulk Proof of Delivery Program. After that, they will receive signature data by a signature extract file.
⦁ If any customer has multiple send back slips(electronic), then he/she can choose not to receive email response for each receipt bought.
⦁ The records of sending back slip electronic retained for two years from the original mailing date. Records take longer to retrieve after 60 days.


It is all about USPS Return Receipt Electronic article. This article is not about certified mail tracking or new certified mail. We hope you like it. Like it and share it. Thank you for reading!

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