USPS Article Number – [What Is It, Tracking, Not Working + More]

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a self-governing agency of the United States Federal Government that aims to provide postal services worldwide. Not only in The US, but the service of USPS is even available abroad. It is one of the governmental agencies that is explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution

There are an array of services that this courier services offer for eCommerce business owners and customers. One among them is the “USPS Article Number.” If you are new to USPS, then you may not know what this is all about. 

To make your doubts clear here, we will discuss the most trending topic, “USPS Article Number.” 

USPS article number

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What Exactly Do The USPS Article Number Means? 

Have you heard about the USPS Tracking Number? The article number is just another name of the tracking number provided to all the customers when he or she is purchasing anything from the eCommerce platforms listed in USPS. 

This number is a crucial one for both consumers and business owners as well. You will be allowed to get track of the package right through the text, online portal, or phone tracking. 

Article Number is intended to provide the owner’s personal information, identify the actual owner of the package, and record the recipient’s address. Most importantly, USPS Article Number provides an end-to-end item tracking solution for both domestic and international locations. It also includes Fleet Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices, or Army Post Offices. 

Whenever you post a USPS package, the post office workers assign you a number: the Tracking or Article Number. It is usually a 22-digit number that may vary depending on the service you are opting for, as different USPS services offer different tracking numbers. 

The tracking number looks like ” 842…, 123…, 526…, 753…” and is available through your email or online store order page. You need to enter this tracking number into the tracking field to get the location of your parcel. However, some tracking numbers also start with “EC” or “CP” which indicate that the packages are being mailed overseas. 

Have A Look At Some Common Usage Of The USPS Article Number: 

●       It comes with the owner’s personal information

●       You can check the payment status with the article number

●       This number also helps to recognize the actual user of the parcel

●       Customers can track the present location of the package

●       Both customers and eCommerce business owners will be able to know the date and timing of the delivery

How Does The USPS Tracking or Article Number Works?

USPS has over 250 Processing and Distributing Centers that aim to possess the mails and sort them out. These centers are situated all across the US, and they carry out sorting of the mail. 

Linked with USPS’s national network, all the emails they receive are sorted with an automated system. Every mail is printed with a specific barcode that helps determine the destination of the item and the way it is heading towards. 

Where To Find The USPS Article Number? 

You can find the article number on an array of places like: 

●       Mail Receipt

●       On Package Itself

●       Post Office Shipping Receipt

●       The Bar Code

●       Sales Receipt If You Have Bought Insurance

●       Email Confirmation

●       Bottom of The

●       Bottoms Section Of The USPS Tracking Label

How Can You Track The USPS Package?

It is not a tough job to track the package; the simplest way to track domestic and international tracking is on the USPS Track and Confirm tool. How? Just enter the tracking number and look at the status location of the shipment. 

You can easily perform this on the USPS website or even try it on your smartphone. Below mentioned are some options that will help you to get connected with the USPS tracking status:

●       By phone, you can call at 1-800-222-1811

●       You can send a text message to 28777 with your USPS tracking number as the content of the message.

●       With the USPS Mobile App that is available on iPhone and Android devices, you can get the entire track.

What Happens When USPS Tracking isn’t Updating?

Certain consequences let USPS not track updates for your parcel. If you cannot see updated information on the USPS package, you should contact the USPS service care. You can try sending a text to 28777 (2USPS), providing the tracking number. 

The company will provide you with an update on the parcel. Remember the tracking number while making a query or claim. 

Which USPS Services Offer Tracking?

All USPS services do offer tracking services. Some of them include the price, while others have a tracking option available, which means you have to pay an extra cost to get the number. 

While making an international delivery, not all the packages will be eligible for tracking once they get out of the US. This is because every country has different scanning capabilities and agreements. 

Have a look at the table below; it shows which services that include tracking facilities:

Priority Mail1-3 Days ServiceDomesticIncludes Tracking
 Priority Mail Express  Overnight ServiceDomesticIncludes Tracking
USPS Retail Ground2-8 Days ServiceDomesticIncludes Tracking
First-Class Package InternationalVariesInternationalIncludes Tracking
First-Class Package InternationalVariesInternationalIncludes Tracking
Priority Mail Express International3-5 Days Service International  Includes Tracking
Media Mail2-8 Days ServiceDomesticIncludes Tracking
First-Class Mail2-3 Days ServiceDomesticIncludes Tracking ((Packages Only)

Can You Track USPS Package With Your Name?

It has been found that most customers wonder whether they can track the USPS Package. But sadly, no USPS Packages cannot be tracked with your name or address. If the package is sent through eCommerce merchants, you can directly contact them to recover the tracking number and look at the shipment.  

The Bottom Line:

Hopefully, now all the doubts regarding USPS article numbers are clear after reading the article. So, what are you waiting for? Make shipping with the most trusted courier service, and do not forget to look at the service of “USPS Article Number” and track your shipment properly. 

Happy Shipping!