USPS Delivered to Agent: What Does That Mean?

So you want to know what USPS delivered to agent mean. Well, we are here to clear your confusion. In this post, we will tell you everything about the USPS delivered to the agent.

What is an agent?

Every day thousands of mails and parcels are handled by USPS. There is always a chance that the recipient may not be present to receive the parcel, at the time of delivery. In that case, an authorized person or a family member is allowed to take the package. This is when your tracking status says USPS delivered to agent Nordstrom.

But there are times when the parcel is not delivered to the recipient or an authorized person, but it still shows delivered to the agent. This can be confusing. You should know that anyone who accepts the mail on behalf of you is an agent.

USPS Delivered to Agent_ What Does That Mean_

Let’s say, none of your family members have received the package. Instead, your neighbour has accepted the parcel. In this case, the status will show delivered to the agent. Your mail can also be accepted by the local postal service in which case, you will be shown the same status. But there is nothing to worry about, as you will get your parcel from them.

The Problem With USPS Delivered To Agent

There are some drawbacks to this system that you should know about. For example, USPS can hand over your parcel to any person who claims to be your family member. If anything of that sort happens to your parcel, then you can end up losing it.

They don’t have any process of verification involved. In other words, the USPS final delivery agent doesn’t ask for any ID proof from an agent. So anybody can take advantage of this. Let say, you are to receive any important documents like a debit card or legal papers.

If they are delivered to some unknown agent, then you will end up losing your important documents. This is why it is better to stay available at the time of delivery.

The Good Side Of USPS Delivered To Agent

The good news is that USPS delivery staff are not that irresponsible. They don’t just hand over the parcel to anyone. They do it, only when they trust the agent. Therefore, the chances of any such incident happening are very less.

USPS Delivered to Agent is not always a bad idea. When you are not available to receive your package, this option comes in handy as your family member or friend can receive it on your behalf.

What to do when a parcel takes too long?

In case, your parcel is delayed way too much, then it’s time to contact USPS or related authorities.

The first thing you need to do is contact people in your neighbourhood to find out if they have accepted any parcel on your behalf. So you should ask around the people in your surroundings before you contact the USPS.

If you still don’t find out where your parcel is, then contacting the authorities is the only option you have.

So next time when USPS tracking states delivered to agent, don’t get worried. This means it has received by someone on your behalf. It can be your family member or friends. In case, you don’t receive the parcel, then you can contact USPS.

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What does delivered mean on USPS tracking?

This means that your parcel has been given to a carrier for delivery and it is soon going to reach its destination or will be placed in the customer’s Post Office Box.

How long does USPS take to return a package?

First, Second and Priority Class are usually returned within 2 to 3 working. Whereas media mail may or may not be returned.

Does USPS return to sender?

USPS pick up the parcel and send it back to the sender if it is written “Return to Sender” on it. In case, you have received the parcel and opened it, then you need to put it in a new envelope and even pay for postage. 

Do USPS delivery agents ask for ID proof while handing over the parcel?

No, USPS delivery agents don’t always ask for ID proof. They do that only at times of special delivery.