USPS Media Mail Tracking: The Full Guide

USPS Media Mail Tracking: We all knew the fact USPS provides innumerable services to all over the world. Most of the customers make use of the services offered by the US Postal service. Their services are being used by the customers to send media items to the desired destination within a short period.

USPS Media Mail Tracking

In this post we will share the details about media mail, how does it work, and some of the benefits that of mail tracking. Let us know about this.

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What is Media Mail?

Most of us often send books, gadgets, videotapes, recordings, Cds, music tracks, gifts, and some valuable things to the desired ones in the form of gifts. We can send anything through the Media Mail. This one is the affordable method to send the materials for the desired locations.

The only option in this is that we can send many items with a minimum amount of cost. According to USPS, your item may take 2 to 8 days to reach the destination. The only condition is that we cannot send a material if it weighs more than 70 pounds. USPS has a right to open and examine it, and they can also have the right to resend it back to the sender. It is done only to keep the customer safe from danger.

So, the only thing which we have to keep in mind is that we have to make sure that the materials should be sent without any illegal things. We have not to send any non-media material through this mail service.

How Does Media Mail Work?

When you want to send any package by mail shipping through USPS, we need to take several steps as follows.

  • Whenever you are decided to make sure the package to be sent, we have to make sure that the address should be specified correctly.
  • Once the package is sealed, we have to make sure that the package should be less than 8 ounces.
  • If in case if the package is more than 8 ounce we have to spare some more amount of money.
  • We can send the same packages through USPS First-Class Mail. If the package is more than 8 ounce than in that case you are needed to print your postage and add the label of media mail shipping.

The charge of the service depends on the size, weight, but not on the zone-based distance from one place to another. The customer can also have the option to send the package by using the add-on services for sending the package. We can also make use of services such as Insurance, COD, and Signature Confirmation.

Media Mail Rates:

Depending on the weight of the package the USPS offers its services at different costs. The price rates have been increased from 2017 to 2018. The news rated have been implemented from January 21, 2018, Post Office rates of the service in the year 2018 were increased by 1.9% as compared to the year 2017. The table given below shows the prices based on the size of the package.

Most of the candidate may have a doubt that the mail delivery may take much time to be delivered. Let us know more about the time is taken by the media mail.

Screenshot 2 2

How Long Does Media Mail Take?

To send any type of packages related to education, files, documents and some important files it may take around 2 to 8 days to deliver the package. The best part about this is that the media mail postage rate is very less compared to other shipping services. For further details, you can read the article on USPS Delivery time to know more about every delivery service rate of USPS service.

Every service center has some rules and restrictions in delivering the package the USPS has the following media mail rules as listed below:

  • Its package does not include Comic books. Books can have identical announcements and can have identical announcements of other sound recordings.
  • The package should not be more than 70 pounds.
  • The distance of the longest side, height, and the width should not be more than 108.
  • According to Section 170, the mail media package should have to mention the delivery and the sender’s address for the inspection by the Postal Services.
  • The package should be marked with the note Media Mail, so that if in case you are using MM shipping labels so that the shipping service center people can be recognized by Media mail directly.

Most of us may doubt that how does a media mail mean and are the items are packages which we can include in the media mail. These are the following items or list of packages which can be sent through the media mail package:

  • Play scripts, CDs and DVD
  • Video or audio recordings
  • Printed objective test materials and their accessories
  • Printed educational reference charts
  • Printed music in the form of a sheet or bounded.
  • Books must have at least eight pages
  • Sound recordings
  • Manuscripts for books, music, and periodicals

I hope that you all get the idea about Media Mail Service, please visit the official site of USPS that is or call 1-800-ASK-USPS for further query.

Hope This USPS Media Mail Tracking guide helps you to make better decisions.

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