USPS Waiver Of Signature: All You Need to Know

Surely you are aware of USPS and the services they offer. But do you know about USPS Wavier of Signature? 

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What is the USPS Waiver of Signature?

The wavier of signature is a request made by the sender to get a package or letter delivered to a particular location without the recipient’s signature. Like all the other services by the USPS, using the wavier of sign ensures the safe delivery of the package at the mentioned address.

Wavier of signature is essential to deal with the problem of proof of delivery of POD. Every time USPS delivers a package, it’s mandatory for them to collect POD in the form of a signature from the recipient. For this purpose, the recipient either has to stay home to receive the package, or the delivery agent has to wait for the receiver to return home for taking the signature. This is time-consuming for both parties. 

Fortunately, with a wavier of sign, the carrier can send the package without taking a sign from the receipt or his/her agent. 

However, this service is not applicable for all categories of mail that USPS provides. It is only available for USPS Priority Express Mail Services. 

For delivering USPS Priority Express Mail, the carrier would take the recipient’s signature and then forward it to the sender of the package through electronic means. This is taken as proof to show that the package has been delivered. 

But the entire process is quite cumbersome, so to avoid all the trouble, the sender night decides to waiver the receiver’s signature altogether. 

Under the Wavier of Signature, the carrier (after the Express package delivery) will have to sign the form PS Form 3849 instead of taking a signature from the recipient. 

Once you opt for the wavier of sign option, your package or mail will still be delivered in the mail receptacle or other safe places where it will not be harmed in any way. 

But before you opt for this service, there are some essential things you should know:

Important points about USPS Waiver of Signature:

If a sender wishes to avail of the USPS Wavier of Signature service, they must request it when they come to the post office for shipping the mail. Once the waiver of signature request is made, USPS will not change it while the package or mail is in transit. 

In case the package is lost in transit, any claim pertaining to the insurance of the package will be canceled.

If no claims are made for the package within five days, USPS will send the package back to the sender.

The Wavier of Signature service is not available with any additional insurance for Priority Mail Express Collect on Delivery (COD) and Restricted Delivery

If the waiver of signature service is availed, the carrier will give the Return Receipt of the package or mail to the receiver or leave it with the package at the mail receptacle safe place. 

The delivery person can sign the domestic Priority Mail Express service as Proof of Delivery under the USPS Wavier of Signature and leave the items in the mail receptacle or any safe place. 

The waiver of the signature facility is available for mail class Priority Mail Express Label 11-B or Label 11-F without getting the POD or the recipient’s signature. 

The Wavier of Signature by USPS is a valuable service and can be obtained to save time and ensure hassle-free delivery. However, there are a few pitfalls of availing of this service, as lack of insurance and in-transit changes. 

However, you can still opt for this service if you deem it fit. 

FAQs on USPS Waiver Of Signature

How to waiver the USPS signature?

To waiver the USPS signature, follow the steps mentioned:

Using your Mailer ID, send the Product Tracking and Reporting (PTR) a Waiver of the Signature core ‘3’. 

The mailer should request for the opt-out or cancel option beforehand through the mailbox.

How to know if a given package requires a signature?

For this, sign in to the app and press on the package to see its delivery information. You will see a “Sign” option. If there is no signature, then your package does not require any signature.

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