Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday in 2021? – Delivery Hours

Does FedEx deliver on Sunday? This question has been asked by so many of its customers, before answering this I will let know a bit about this famous corporation and why is it popular.

FedEx Corporation is the Delivery service organization with its headquarter in Memphis, Tennessee. Initially, when this service was started it was known as Federal Express with it growth it came to known as FedEx Express.

You can consider usps as an alternative to FedEx in terms of delivering the packages.

It is popular for its overnight package delivery. Company’s tracking system is one of its kind, it shows real-time updates of package tracking. The service delivers millions of packages on daily basis and has a database of a huge number of customers.

Now coming back to the question does FedEx deliver on Sunday, reading below you will get to know the answers and other queries related to delivery on Sunday. Read below to get all your answers regarding delivery on Sunday.

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday? Get your Answer Here

The answer to this question is NO, FedEx does not deliver on Sunday except same-day delivery.  This multinational company only delivers 6 days a week that too Saturday delivery option is only for metropolitan cities.

Any customer who wants to get the package delivered on Saturday needs to look for an option in his or her areas by entering a postal code. Then they should choose the time of shipment and an option of Saturday delivery special handling from the option. But nowhere on the website and the delivery option has any customer seen the delivery option of Sunday.

FedEx Sunday Delivery Options

The customers can use its online services of tracking a package a booking a time slot of picking up the package. But no their staff does not deliver packages on Sunday. Reason for this multinational company not delivering on Sunday is the lack of demand in the market. There is hardly any customer who required delivery service on Sunday.

With the low demand, the company can’t make much of revenue which justifies their working on Sunday. Most of the organization does not work on Sundays and major customer share of these services is of B2B delivery. Delivery at offices and firms brings in a major chunk of profit in the package delivery corporations.

Since these businesses are not open on Sunday delivering to residences is not that profitable for FedEx. This market condition does not enable the company to delivers packages on Sunday.

Any business depends on the statistics of profit and loss. Initially, It uses to deliver packages on Sunday but seeing a decline in demand and no profit they decided to discontinue it. Delivering service on Sunday was charged more than other weekdays, this might also be one of the reason for a customer to withdraw from the service.

It is not only the FedEx who does not deliver on Sunday, another major player in this sector also does work on Sunday. This trend might change in the future if the companies see growth in the demand from consumers. But it won’t be delivered on Sunday.

A new trend that the company has started is of partnering with local shops and opening up company branded locations for the customer to easily avail the services of pick and drop of the packages on any week of the day.

On the special occasion especially Christmas, sometimes an exception is made and It ends up delivering several packages.

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Same Day Packages Can be Delivered On Sunday

The exception that FedEx make is of the same day delivery. This is different from other weekdays, if you have selected same day delivery option then only in some specific area FedEx delivers on Sunday. This premium service is designed for the urgent delivery cases.

It is obviously the fastest delivery option which FedEx’s consumer use in the case of extreme urgencies, where delivery cannot wait for yet another day.  Because it is the fastest delivery option and it charges more than the usual delivery service. But you should keep in mind that this service is available for selected locations.

For details of the location, you can visit the official website.

What Does Fedex Service Offers?

  • It promises its consumer to make delivery within the matter of hours across the nation.
  • It works 365 days, even it is not delivering packages on Sunday it certainly moving it from one place to another.
  • They move with same day freight it the delivery crosses 150 lbs.
  • There is no state where they can’t reach, they cater to all 50 state of the country.
  • They are one the best with moving fragile items from one place to another.
  • In metropolitan areas, packages are delivered within 2 hours
  • They have grown to work in 20 branded market all over the country to deliver the package on the same day

FedEx Does Not Deliver On Sunday but they are Open on Sundays

Even if the delivery is not delivering packages at your doorstep, there office and centers across the country are definitely open on Sundays. Lots of regional offices work round the clock to make customer experience with the brand better. A number of services are offered round the clock with some exception on Sundays.

You closest FedEx might or might not open on Sundays, this you have to find form the regional office only. You can get the details of the nearest kiosk form the official website of the company.

In the next article, we will show you does FedEx deliver on Saturday or not. We will update this article and let you know.

Steps to Find Nearest FedEx Kiosk and the Working Hours

  1. Click on the FedEx Locator page from the search engine.
  2. Enter all the required information, it will ask you your location before showing the end result.
  3. You can make your search advance by checking blank boxes on the right side.
  4. Click on the enter button.
  5. Now you can see information about all the centers of
  6. Find your location and look for working day and hours.

We have a list of working hours on Sunday of some major FedEx centers and offices

  • Duane St, New York – timings on Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Alluvial Ave, Clovis, CA- timings on Sunday 9 m. to 3 p.m.
  • Shaw Ave, Clovis, CA -timings on Sunday 10 m. to 6 p.m.
  • Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA- timings on Sunday 10 m. to 8 p.m.

For details of more major centers kindly visit the official website of FedEx and search in the FedEx Locator for the best result.

FedEx Work Hours & Timings

does fedex deliver on sunday

Before making any delivery booking or even for picking up and delivery it is important to know the timings of the shipping center and other service centers. Find out different timing here. We have the list of different service and days it can be availed.

  1. Express: can be availed from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  2. Ground: can be availed from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  3. Home Delivery: can be availed from Tuesday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday

Final Verdict

Although FedEx does not work on Sunday if you have selected the same day shipping option from the location where is available, it will pick up your package.

We have answered your question, Does FedEx deliver on Sunday? We hope that this information is useful to you. In case you want to share anything beyond this kindly comment below.