What is USPS Proof of Delivery? – Complete Guide

The USPS Proof of Delivery is simply a certification from the person receiving the package that they have collected it. This USPS Proof of Delivery is often a letter or Mail that already contains a lot of relevant information, including the recipient’s name, addmess, signature, and printed address and phone number. 

USPS Proof of Delivery

Sometimes, Instead of mail or a letter, the USPS Proof of Delivery can simply be a link that provides the sender with precise delivery details. With the assistance of this information, the sender may ensure that their item is handed to the appropriate recipient. As a result, nearly all clients want a Proof of Delivery document (POD).

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When a sender wants to deliver a parcel to other parties, they ask USPS for a document of Proof of Delivery (POD) to make sure that USPS has their packages to the correct person. In this article, we will explain various topics related to proof of delivery such as: what is it, what it looks like, where you can get it, what mail classes provide it, etc. so let’s start with the first question.

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A Proof of Delivery confirms that the receiver gets the package, mail, or parcel that is addressed by the sender. The USPS Proof of Delivery is in the form of mail or letter with some information like the recipient’s name, the image of the receiver’s signature, address, and the printed name and address.

Sometimes it can be a link that provides information about the shipment. The only guarantee of the shipment signature so one can ask for the sign as proof. They have a record of a signature because the postal worker or letter carrier will take the sign at the time of the delivery.


The USPS Proof of Delivery is not available for each city and state of the US. It is available in 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, it is not available in the other United States Territories and Possessions. The proof of delivery will not be available if you send it to other countries (Internationally). In such circumstances, you have to contact the Customer Care Service Center.

To get USPS Proof of Delivery, you have to ask for signature proof. So a letter carrier will ask the receiver for signature at the time of shipment. In this way, the sender can avail of this service.


This service is accessible free of cost. Priority Mail Express service and Signature Confirmation provide it.

Priority Mail Express – It is available as follows:

Signature ConfirmationIt is available as follows:

  • Individual or Single requests are provided via mail or fax by article number.
  • Signature Confirmation service or privately printed extra service labels bulk proof of delivery is available for the mailers who use the electronic option when they use privately printed labels. Signature data is obtained in CD-ROM or signature extract file formats by the customers. Mailers may have this bulk POD via signature extract file or email who are using Priority Mail Express Manifesting service.


To get the Signature USPS Proof of Delivery, you have to request a receipt. And for that, you have to follow the 6 steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the main site of USPS from the link given here: https://www.usps.com/

Step 2: Now login to your account and locate the Tracking option under the Quick Tools tab.

Step 3: In the blank field, write down the Label ID.

Step 4: Click on the Find button.

Step 5: Next, click on See Details.

Step 6: Now, click on the Proof of Delivery link under the Features option and fill in all the necessary information.


USPS Proof of Delivery or Confirmation Letter:

usps proof of delivery

How do I know if a signature is required by USPS?

You might have a question as to what items require a signature from the recipient during delivery. This category includes items delivered with Priority Mail Express (if required), Certified Mail, Collect on Delivery, Insured Mail costs above $500, Registered Mail, Return Receipt, Signature Confirmation, and Adult Signature.

If your package requires a signature, you will receive tracking information by email. You should check the UPS tracking page to see if anything in the email indicates a signature is required. If that doesn’t yield any results, you could contact USPS. USPS will send you notifications, or you can see the requirements on your USPS tracking page using the information provided by the shipper. A shipping label will also be added to the box, asking you to sign it.

Now, if you should have a question, is it accessible online? The signature of the recipient is not viewable online. A Proof of Delivery (POD) letter with a copy of the signature can be obtained via email at no additional cost. Customers can request a POD by going to USPS.com’s Tracking website, entering the mail piece’s tracking number, and requesting a POD through email.

How do I bypass USPS signature confirmation? 

Yes, you can opt out of the USPS signature confirmation requirement and have your letter delivered without the recipient’s signature.

The Sender initiates a “Waiver of Signature,” which allows mail to be delivered at the letter carrier’s discretion without the recipient’s signature. The Sender initiates “Signature Required,” which needs the addressee’s signature before the item is delivered.

Waiver of signature permits delivery without the addressee’s or agent’s signature if the delivery employee determines that the object can be deposited in the addressee’s mail receptacle or another secure location.

Note to remember, For Priority Mail Express COD, a mailer must choose the ‘Signature Required’ service.

If you buy extra insurance or use Priority Mail Express Collect on Delivery, you’ll need to sign for it (COD).

Any insurance claims for shipment loss will be void if the item’s status/scan in USPS Tracking is “Delivered.” (However, if the contents are damaged or missing, or if the service fails, a claim may be lodged.

We have a detailed guide on USPS Signature Confirmation. Please this out.


USPS Proof of Delivery – What can be used as proof of delivery?

One of the most widely used forms of USPS proof of delivery is paper, consisting of signed copies of the Delivered Note, Delivery Order, and Delivery Docket. A proof of delivery receipt often includes a variety of details regarding the delivery. This contains the delivery time, complete delivery address, as well as the name and signature of the person who received your package.
The individual who physically took delivery of the items is referred to as the receiver.

Presently, the USPS’s latest Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) service offers electronic proof of delivery. Whenever the letter arrives at its intended destination, the letter carrier collects the signature of the person who receives the Mail, and the data is securely saved electronically. The sender or the receiver can sign the document as indicated on the return receipt card.

USPS Proof of Delivery – How long should you keep proof of delivery?

The proof of delivery should be maintained until the goods are invoiced. The proof of delivery should therefore be added to the invoice and kept for at least six years.

USPS Proof of Delivery – How important is proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery becomes essential in every form of delivery. It completes the chain of custody and guarantees that the shipment is delivered to the intended recipient. This procedure becomes even more critical when legal and financial paperwork needs to be transferred between two parties. The recipient will only sign if everything is in excellent and undamaged form.

USPS Proof of Delivery – What type of Mail requires proof of delivery?

The USPS Certified Mail service provides the sender with evidence of sending as well as proof of delivery. Because Certified Mail is utilized for laws and regulatory purposes, it is essential to be able to offer documentation or confirmation that a Certified Mail letter was delivered.

Certified Mail provides the sender with evidence of sending in the form of a postal receipt as well as electronic certification that an item was received or that a delivery attempt has been made on request.

The United States Postal Service provides a registered mail option as an add-on service for First Class or Priority Mail shipments. Registered Mail offers end-to-end security In sealed containers. Registered Mail security records are kept but are rarely given to customers until a claim is made.

CONCLUSION on USPS Proof of Delivery:

An online tracking service is a reliable option provided by USPS offers, and customers can easily track their mail items. With a tracking number on the receipt, you can track your parcel end-to-end easily. However, some people want to get proof of delivery to make sure of delivery.

Note that this service is not available worldwide. You can use it in only 50 states, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Other than that this service is not available anywhere. In case of foreign fright, the customer contacts the USPS Customer Service to know more about it.

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